Mobile devices have transceivers that send and receive radio frequencies (RF) and there are rules that limit the power of device transceivers at various frequencies. To maximize the strength of the device’s signal, the device manufacturer must establish the performance and tune the power output to be just under the specified maximum power allowed by the government requirements. A leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for mobile application processors and devices came to Teradyne with the challenge of integrating RF testing capability into System Level Test (SLT) to provide a solution that could connect their devices to a Vector Signal Generator and Vector Signal Analyzer (VSG/VSA) to perform RF power level calibration for broadband signals. RF test capabilities were built into the Titan SLT tester, with the goal being massively parallel, automated, asynchronous test of devices that require RF connectivity to ensure optimized performance of the device under test. The solution supports up to 320 sites of RF connected devices, and in cases where the devices require multiple antennas to be connected, Teradyne has developed miniature wide band signal splitters to connect up to 12 antennas per device, with the capability for 16 antennas in the future. This presentation will provide an overview of the solution and the benefits that can be expected including improved time to market, lower cost of test, highest overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and online on-the-fly test instrument calibration.