Due to the global pandemic, billions of integrated circuits (ICs) will be needed to not only interconnect and control machines, objects and devices but also deliver multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacity and a more uniform user experience. We are seeing demand for higher quality levels of test cell solutions (TCS) and faster time to volume production as products become more complex, and choosing the right test cell solution for mass production is a critical factor in meeting the requirements for chip probing (CP), final test (FT) and failure analysis (FA) environments. This presentation addresses best practices to ensure quality of test for mass production solutions, introducing industry-proven test cell solutions for the UltraFLEXplus family in chip probing, final test and failure analysis. To address quality of test issues, we will discuss pin count and force trends in real-world applications vs. test site increment, and provide options for UltraFLEXplus test cell solutions and DIB/PC center stiffener and/or backer.