Conventionally the measured digital data of multi-site in Protocol Aware (PA) on UltraPin2200 captures the data frame and then does the post calculation in a VBT function to output the expected result to the datalog. If there is an installed DSP computer on the UltraFLEXplus, it will calculate and analyze the large amounts of data, saving significant test time and increasing efficiency. However, if the data is a part of consecutive small fragment data and the tester does not have an installed DSP computer, the data calculation will be done by the site loop for the DSPWave computation in the VBT function, resulting in lower PTE and increased test time. This presentation will propose a solution for performing the DSP mode in tlDSPModeAutomatic using the host computer threading to manage the DSPWave data with the VBT DSP procedure module, without site loop instead of tlDSPModeHostDebug with the VBT module. This runs DSP procedures inside the thread on the host computer. In addition, the captured PA data is also directly accessing data from instruments and processing DSPWave with the VBT DSP procedure. This method improves PTE by approximately 15% and saves significant test time in multi-site.