The Magnum tester platforms are programmed in C/C++ using the Visual Studio IDE. This presentation will present a migration path to Visual Studio 2019 and H4.x/H8.x software for those using older versions. We’ll cover important tips and tricks to get the most out of Visual Studio 2019 learned from several years of migrating customer code from the legacy VS6.0 environment to Visual Studio 2013/2019. We’ll focus specifically on build speedup options, and how to manage/deploy custom libraries in environments where both MagnumV and newer test systems will co-exist on a test flow with Magnum 2/2x systems running H7.x/H8.x. We’ll discuss how to install “Side by Side” installs of Visual Studio in cases where a different version is required for other non-Magnum development work, and the integrated GIT support in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2022 for those using GIT for source revision control. We will also focus on the multiple build speedup options in Visual Studio, multi-processor builds and pre-compiled headers, and how to manage these within a Magnum build environment.