TestStation LH ZTS Solution

The TestStation LH ZTS 121 solution allows manufacturers to smoothly transfer legacy Z18xx programs and fixtures to the latest TestStation LH in-circuit test platform.

Preserve Your Test Investment

This solution is designed to help manufacturers preserve their investment in the discontinued Z18xx test system and fixtures, lower their long term support costs, and experience the benefits of the latest in-circuit test technologies that is part of Teradyne’s industry leading TestStation product family.

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LH ZTS Solution

Manufacturers will realize additional benefits by upgrading from Z18xx using the TestStation LH 121 ZTS solution:

  • More reliable and accurate analog test measurements
  • Access to the latest generation of Framescan and Boundary Scan test technologies
  • Higher defect detection and coverage
  • Utilization of the industry’s leading digital in-circuit pin with Teradyne’s UltraPin II and SafeTest Protection Technologies
  • Support Multi-plex or pure pin configurations: analog only, full digital, or mixed pin board types
  • Safe, accurate, and reliable electrical test
  • Exceptional diagnostic accuracy
  • Up to 60% faster test throughput
  • Latest Windows operating system

The TestStation LH ZTS solution supports all the standard and optional features of the TestStation platform. This solution consists of:

  • Specially configured TestStation LH system with 1024 or 2048 pins
  • Specially designed 1024 or 2048 pin Z18XX-to-TSLH fixture adapter
  • ZTS translation software that converts Z18XX program files to TestStation program files

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