VXI Analog Instrument

Analog test instrument with advanced parallel test capability speeds test throughput.

The Ai-710 is a Core System Instrument (CSi)—a single-slot, multi-function VXI analog test instrument. It eliminates the requirement for multiple discrete instruments that often provide inadequate test coverage for newer Units Under Test (UUTs). The single-slot VXI form factor reduces tester footprint, as well. Instrument functions include digital multimeter (DMM), function generator, waveform generator, digitizer, and timer/counter. Multi-channel tester-per-pin architecture enables parallel test of multiple UUT ports to speed throughput. This combination of features makes them ideal analog instruments for defense and aerospace integrators, who are upgrading existing test systems. It all adds up to increased test performance, faster throughput, reduced tester footprint—and lower cost of test for legacy ATE.


Tester-per-pin architecture. Provides independent stimulus/measurement capability on every channel, greatly simplifying Interface Test Adapter (ITA) design and eliminates the need for matrix switching.

Parallel System Signal Emulation. Achieve real-time signal emulation including full system transfer function test, improve overall quality of test by identifying problems caused by faulty UUT channel interaction.

Physical consolidation of traditional analog instruments. Achieve high-density analog functionality at every test channel while decreasing test system footprint.

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) architecture. Improve existing ATE system flexibility, configurability, reliability to meet evolving test complexity demands while reducing overall life-cycle costs.

Reliability and survivability. High-density packaging and strict quality control including shock and vibration testing ensure low mean time between failure (MTBF) in the most rugged shipboard and mobile environments.

Worldwide support. Available support services include 24-hour repair-and-return of defective parts, hotline telephone support and comprehensive training and documentation..


Ideal for ATE system upgrades. Upgrade existing ATE systems used in defense and aerospace applications to meet evolving and usually more challenging technical test requirements by consolidating discrete multiple-slot instrumentation into a single VXI instrument for higher test coverage of WRA/LRU UUTs in factory or depot.


A wide variety of configurations to meet every system upgrade requirement. Ai-710: 32 channels, each with Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digitizer, DMM, Limit Detector, Timer-Counter