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technology through advanced test solutions and collaborative and autonomous mobile robots


Teradyne companies deliver manufacturing automation across industries, applications and the world. Together, we solve complex test and automation challenges and enable businesses to achieve higher production volumes, higher quality and higher ROI.

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From life-saving healthcare and automotive safety to the consumer tech we use every day – the world relies on Teradyne to make sure critical electronics work, every single time.


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We are the test and automation experts behind the electronics you use every day. Our customers depend on us to get their product to market, fast. It’s an exciting business and we’re looking for talented people who share our passion and drive.

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The 5G mmWave Commercialization Effort Is Underway

5G capabilities are now a key selling point for mid-tier to high-end mobile devices. Learn more about the developments designed to lay the groundwork for even more ambitious capabilities.

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How MiR and UR Products are Beneficial to Society

While most of us do not think of robots as a transition towards a greener, carbon neutral world, there are great prospects in using robot technology to support the development towards a greener and more sustainable society. Learn how UR and MiR are making products that are revolutionizing the manufacturing world and benefitting society.