High-Speed Digital Bus
Test Instruments

Teradyne and AIT instruments test legacy and newer digital buses.

The enormous variety of digital buses used in defense and aerospace applications requires comprehensive, yet efficient testing.

Teradyne and AIT COTS instruments meet these challenging bus test requirements for legacy and standardized buses, as well as evolving digital buses that have faster speeds, larger data volumes, and increasingly complex protocols requiring real-time test and emulation.

HSSub™ Instrumentation

HSSub PXI Express instrumentation and HSSub Apps are a family of high performance, reconfigurable, multi-purpose bus test solutions for concurrent asynchronous UUT digital bus interfaces that address rapidly evolving test requirements. They significantly reduce the long-term logistics costs caused by inflexible configurations and multiple point-solution bus test instruments.

HSSub Instrument Options

Bi4-Series Bus Test Instrument

The VXI Bi4-Series bus test instruments are a versatile COTS solution providing real-time serial bus test and emulation, including test applications for a wide range of existing serial bus protocols.


AIT Test Instrumentation

AIT features a broad range of standard bus interface and test modules available in a wide variety of packages and software programming environments.

Avioncis Interface Technologies Instruments


Reduce cost of long-term sustainment.
Choose from a wide range of bus test and emulation instruments and software that precisely match current and anticipated test requirements with ongoing support from the leaders in defense and aerospace test equipment.

High density form factors: VXI, PXI, PCI.
Compact, high density instruments reduce system footprint and reduce overall cost.

Lower cost of ownership and equipped for future test capability.
As bus specs continue to evolve in speed, data volume, and complexity, a wide range of instrumentation from a reliable and experienced supplier avoids single-purpose bus test instruments or too-basic configurable instruments that complicate system integration, documentation, and lengthen TPS development times.

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