VERTAは、光パラメトリック・テスト用のインライン光パワーマネージメントと、複数のバステスト・インスツルメントとUUTインターフェースの間で光および/または銅の同時相互接続を行う高速デジタルスイッチ・マトリクスを組み合わせた、統合インスツルメントです。 VERTAは、高速で光学的にネットワーク化された軍事兵器アセンブリにおいて、信頼性が高くエラーのないバス通信と相互運用性を実現し、費用のかかる断続テストやNFF(No Fault Found)テストを最小限に抑えることができます

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VERTA is available in two configurations: an integrated LXI instrument and a PXIe 2-slot instrument.

The LXI configuration should be selected for test applications requiring 8 to  80 optical UUT I/O connections. It consists of a foundation chassis with modular I/O modules:

  • Multi-Protocol Switch Module (Verta-3010) supports numerous SFP transceivers with optical or copper connections, multiple or single mode fiber that supports multiple bus protocols from 100M to 10G.
  • Optical Power and Switch Module (Verta-3020) Adjustable power and repeatable measurement to detect faults across network operating range and compensate for ATE path loss.
  • Wide-Range Power Module (Verta-5010) for optical-to-optical testing featuring extended range power attenuation across the network operating range

The PXIe configuration (Verta-P3020) is ideal for up to 4 optical I/O connections of switching and optical power management and can be installed in the same PXIe chassis as the bus test instrumentation it connects with. The PXIe VERTA provides a compact and scalable solution and can be expanded to up to 12 connections by bussing together instruments.

LXI Foundation Options

Rear maintenance Verta Foundations

  • Verta-1004 (10 Gbps max., 4-slot)
  • Verta-1007 (10 Gbps max.7-slot)

Front Maintenance Verta Foundations

  • Verta-404 (4 Gbps, 4-slot)

Capabilities and Applications

VERTA Capabilities

  • High-speed digital switching of optical or copper connections that supports multiple bus protocols over 100Mb/s to 10Gb/s
  • In-line parametric test of optical transmitters and receivers to confirm operational requirements at factory test and depots, thus ensuring the interoperability of assemblies in network.
  • Concurrent test of multiple buses on a single UUT, and parallel test of multiple UUTs.

Test Applications

  • Next generation MOSA-compliant weapon systems with fiber optic connections and VITA 64 bus protocols such as Ethernet, Serial FPDP, and Fibre Channel.
  • Newer weapon systems such as F-35, B-21, NGAD that use a fiber optic backbone to interconnect a distributed arrays of radar, video, sensors, data storage, displays, and processing units.
  • Weapon system modernization upgrade platforms such as the F/A-18E/F, F-15 EX with fiber optic technology


  • A wide range of supported buses and speeds (in both optical and copper) provides flexibility to replace most existing high-speed switches and eliminates redundant copies of test instruments
  • Optical parametric test improves operational readiness of Weapon Systems, reduces number of bad assemblies in repair pipeline which in turn reduces overall UUT support costs
  • Fully integrated solution reduces footprint and lowers acquisition cost as well as TPS implementation and maintenance cost
  • Teradyne’s long-term support ensures long product life cycle and low ATE maintenance cost
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