Spectrum RF Systems

Scalable Test Solution for Mixed-Technology Test Applications

The Spectrum RF Systems are fully integrated, configurable test platforms combining several digital, analog, RF, and switching instruments to provide automated functional test solutions for a wide range of mixed-signal and microwave test applications including radars, Electronic Warfare, missile, and satellite communications.

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Standard Instruments

  • Teradyne’s software-defined, multi-functional eDigital instrument
  • Teradyne’s high-performance ZT-Series analog instrumentation
  • Teradyne’s High Speed Subsystem foundation, ready for Teradyne’s full suite of high-speed PXI/PXIe digital and complex bus instrumentation
  • Keysight Technologies’ industry-leading RF instruments

System Configurations

The standard Spectrum RF System configurations are optimized to support common test requirements for a mixed-technology Unit Under Test (UUT) with frequency range up to 26.5GHz. The platform’s flexibility, modularity, and open architecture allow the user to add test capabilities and configure the system to support unique UUT requirements. Three standard configurations are available for different RF performance and form factor requirements.


  • Fully integrated standard solution with common RF, analog, digital test capabilities
  • Proven performance, highly capable hardware
  • Supports a wide range of test applications throughout product life cycle
  • Highly scalable and expandable, ready to support future test needs
  • Single trusted vendor with decades of test expertise and long-term support commitment
  • Complete test solutions such as TPS and RFIU design, and TPS maintenance are available

Measurement Capabilities

Mixed-signal and microwave test applications up to 26GHz such as radars, Electronic Warfare, missile, and satellite communications. Measurement types include:

  • Frequency Response
  • Spectrum, Spurs, Harmonics
  • Third Order Intercept
  • S-Parameter
  • Analog Modulation and Pulse Modulation
  • Channel Isolation
  • Digital Functional Test
  • FLASH Programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • Analog Test
  • Switching
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