High Speed Subsystem

Software-defined, Reconfigurable Solutions for High-Speed Digital Test Applications

HSSub™ is a software-defined family of PXIe Instrumentation that can be integrated and scaled to support digital test applications throughout the product life cycle from design verification to production and sustainment. HSSub instruments are configured via software, allowing them to easily adapt to test requirement changes and eliminate the need to add instruments to support system upgrades. The modular and open architecture enables equipment reuse, easy addition and expansion of test capabilities, and cost-effective long-term deployment.

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Adaptive and Flexible Architecture Supports A Wide Ranges of Test Applications

HSSub architecture consists of three main components:

  • HSSub Apps Software controls HSSub instruments and provides reconfigurable test functionality and programming API for test development
  • HSSub TriFlex™ Software integrates and manages HSSub instruments and support modules while coordinating communication to the host test system
  • HSSub PXIe Reconfigurable Instruments programmable via HSSub App software to support a variety of test requirements and configurations

This architecture allows HSSub  to perform complex, high-speed and low latency test interactions with UUT as a distributed capability in a test system or as an autonomous subsystem. The HSSub family of hardware and software provides a wide range of digital test capabilities, standard or unique, that can support many commercial and defense test applications such as AESA radars, communication network and switches, satellites, electronic warfare, missile guidance and targeting systems, streaming data, videos and displays. >> View More HSSub Videos Here

HSSub Instrument and HSSub App

  • Reconfigurable Instruments – Reconfigurable FPGA-equipped serial bus and parallel digital instruments
  • Reconfigurable Flexible IO Instruments (FIOXI) – Reconfigurable FPGA-equipped instruments with flexible physical interfaces to support many different I/O types
  • Standard Bus Instruments – Widely used standard serial bus instruments
  • Support Modules – Additional hardware that provides extended test capability to the HSSub instruments, including real-time processing, optical conversion, data storage, and PXIe instrument use outside of the chassis.
  • HSSub Apps – Software that defines HSSub instrumentation test applications

Supported Test Applications

  • Dynamic Digital
  • Boundary Scan tests
  • Fast flash programming
  • Streaming data test
  • Optical switching and power control
  • Video capture and pattern generation
  • High-speed Serial up to 25 Gbps
  • High-speed Parallel LVDS up to 800 Mbps
  • Military bus emulation and test

Supported Bus Types

  • Fibre Channel
  • SMPTE 292
  • ARINC 818
  • PCI
  • PCIe
  • LVDS
  • I2C
  • RS485
  • RS422
  • RS232
  • IRIG-B
  • PRBS
  • ARINC 708
  • HOTLink
  • AS5643 FireWire
  • Ethernet 10M, 100M, 1G, 10G, 25G
  • USB
  • eSATA
  • MIL-STD-1553
  • ARINC 664
  • ARINC 429

Unique Test Applications

  • Teradyne offers test application development and training services. Visit Engineering Service and Total Test Solution to learn more
  • HSSub App development tools are available for customers looking to build their own HSSub Apps for unique bus test

Deployed Applications

  • Ruggedize Ancillary Kit for military ATS
  • Factory automation supporting Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)


HSSub reconfigurable software-defined instruments provide endless test application possibilities and address rapidly evolving and emerging requirements

HSSub Apps leverage open architecture for TPS standardization and reuse, providing seamless transitions from test development to operation and maintenance

HSSub is modular, can be integrated into a system or subsystem and scaled to support all test phases of a product life cycle

HSSub’s proven reliability and Teradyne’s experience and commitment to long-term support assure cost-effective long-term deployment

System Options

Integrated Subsystem

  • 19-inch Rackmount with Virginia Panel G20 Interface
  • HSSub Remote Test Head
  • HSSub Optical I/O Interconnect

Ruggedized Subsystem

  • Mil-spec Ruggedized Packaging

Integrated Systems