Digital Test Instruments

High-performance VXI and PXI instruments for digital functional test.

Teradyne’s Di-Series and eDigital-Series digital test instruments address technologies such as low voltage differential signaling (LVDS), while maintaining full capability to support  legacy test requirements. In addition to excellent reliability, these instruments reduce test system footprint, programming and support effort, and overall cost-of-ownership. The Di-Series is a highly integrated, standards-based VXI instrument—a powerful combination of performance and flexibility for testing UUTs with speeds up to 50 MHz.

Using a compact PXIe form factor, the eDigital-Series offers a variety of digital instruments which meet a wide range of application requirements.  The newest instrument in the series offers up to 544 channels of synchronized parallel digital test with per-pin voltage levels and timing combined with user programmable FPGA for reconfigurability resulting in the most versatile flexible digital instrument in the industry.


Superior performance. Flexible parallel functional test for a wide range of technologies, including TTL, LVTTL, and LVDS that improves test quality and decreases No Fault Found escapes.

High density form factors. Both VXI and PXIe form factors increase channel density while reducing overall test system footprint.

Reliability and survivability. High-density packaging and strict quality control including shock and vibration testing ensure low mean time between failure (MTBF) in the most rugged shipboard and mobile environments.

Worldwide support. Available support services include 24-hour repair-and-return of defective parts, hotline telephone support, comprehensive training and documentation, and in-field calibration verification.


High performance digital instruments for ATE and discrete test systems.

Integrate Teradyne digital test instruments into new and existing ATE systems requiring high performance and/or multiple channel functionality in high density, compact packages. Replace older, slower discrete (rack mount) instrumentation with high-density, advanced digital capability available at every test channel.


Choose the instrument family that will meet your current and future test needs. Both instruments may be integrated into new or existing ATE systems.


  • VXI form factor
  • Up to 50MHz
  • Voltage range: ±15V or ±30V
  • Channel count: 32, 48 or 64


  • PXIe form factor
  • Up to 25MHZ
  • 3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, LVDS levels (5V Tolerant)
  • Channel count: 32 dynamic and 32 static channels, or 32 differential channels
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