Products for ATE Applications

AIT provides comprehensive support for both the latest and legacy avionics interface technologies with test instruments supporting

AIT’s instruments come in a wide range of form factors including instruments for legacy ATE platforms like VME and VXI, and also instruments for the very latest ATE platforms such as PXI Express.

AIT’s avionics bus and network interface instruments are also supported by a comprehensive suite of software tools and are backed up by AIT’s expertise. From test instruments and drivers to complete PXI Express based Hardware-in-the-loop test & simulation systems, AIT provides a wide range of products and solutions supporting avionics system integration and test applications.

AIT provides software data loaders and avionics bus and network analysis tools for use in aircraft maintenance operations.

AIT also provides rugged flight ready appliances for flight test applications. With expertise in high speed network technologies such as 10G Ethernet and Fibre Channel, AIT provides cutting edge data acquisition solutions for flight test applications on the latest avionics systems and technologies.

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