Semi Test Program Development Services

Solutions developed by our Teradyne Services engineers are integrated into your test environment. We also train your staff on the operation of the end product. You reap the benefit of our expertise while conserving your internal engineering resources. Contact your local Teradyne Services engineer to discuss the solutions described below or custom solutions.

Test program development – Teradyne Services applications engineers can tackle the most complex test programming issues. We can take on your complete test program development process, working with your designers through release to production at an outsourced semiconductor assembly and test company or assist your test engineers in any part of the process.

Conversion Services – Our Teradyne Services engineers have vast experience in platform-to-platform test program conversions as well as design-to-test platform conversions. Based on an array of internally-developed tools and third-party solutions, Teradyne Services has created best-practice processes for each conversion path.

Utility Software Tool Development – From simple scripts to complex GUI-based environments, Teradyne Services has the engineering resources with the right skills to develop custom software.

Correlation Services – Using either a customer-defined correlation process or recommended correlation procedure, our Teradyne Services engineers can perform the data collection and analysis for correlation and provide reports and recommendations to ensure the fidelity of the test program and hardware being released to production.

WaveWizard – EDA simulation to test program conversion. Using common engineering tools, WaveWizard is a pattern conversion program with an automatic tool for generating automated test equipment (ATE) programs from the designer’s simulation data. It generates a test program according to the device spec, avoiding the inherent problems that exist when trying to force an event-driven simulation into a constrained ATE program.

Test Data Link (STIL-Link) – By partnering with Test Insight, Teradyne Services engineers have access to Test Insight products that can be used at a reduced cost to the customer for solutions that require conversion from design-to-test.


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