LASAR™ Software

Teradyne’s LASAR™ simulation software is the U.S. defense industry’s standard for digital test program set (TPS) development. LASAR focuses on the problems facing the test engineer by predicting the timing variability of signals and the behavior of the unit under test (UUT) when a physical or logic fault is present. LASAR then builds an accurate diagnostic database for isolating faults on the UUT. LASAR also reduces TPS costs by predicting: the effect of the test fixture on the board under test, worst case timing problems and compatibility with the target tester. The software’s menu-guided programming streamlines TPS development from model creation through fault simulation. Plus, “good” circuit response patterns, fault dictionary and guided probe diagnostic data are automatically generated. LASAR test patterns and diagnostics results are post-processed to IEEE 1445 (Digital Test Interchange Format) format, and are exported directly to the Teradyne Di-Series and M9-Series digital test instruments. LASAR can be seamlessly integrated within Teradyne’s TestStudio environment.

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