Spectrum CTS

Commercial Avionics Test Platform

Teradyne’s Spectrum CTS is the most advanced automatic test equipment solution for commercial avionics. This high-performance test system is designed to perform complete diagnostics on the avionics systems of Boeing 737, 747, 757 and 767 airplanes. The system features capability for 737NG, 737MAX and 777, with future capability to support the 787. Fully equipped to ensure flight readiness, the Spectrum CTS replaces the ATS-182a and ATS-195 equipment. It is built to deliver and maintain test reliability and repeatability over the operational life of airframe line-replaceable units (LRU) and shop-replaceable units (SRU).

Spectrum CTS


In addition to providing a complete diagnostic test solution for commercial aircraft, the Spectrum CTS includes the following advantages:

  • Fully certified test programs and test unit adapters
  • Backed by Teradyne’s worldwide support organization


  • More than 200 test programs for Electronic Assemblies
  • Used in 737, 737NG, 737MAX , 747, 757, 767 and 777 aircraft
  • The most current list of all test programs available is downloadable from eKnowledge.