Multiple Module Serial Bus Test Instrument

COTS serial bus test instrument provides real-time emulation and test.

The wide variety of serial buses used in defense and aerospace applications typically requires multiple single-purpose instruments. Too often, they are difficult to reconfigure in order to test a different application.

The Bi4-Series provides all the capabilities needed for complete communications bus access test for up to four serial buses used in board level (SRA/SRU) and box level (WRA/LRU) equipment—all in a single VXI module.

The instrument includes test applications, industry-compliant software drivers and hardware enabling straightforward integration into automatic test systems.

With the configuration flexibility needed to effectively test every bus format used in defense and aerospace applications, the Bi4-Series instrument plays a key role in reducing implementation time and test system cost.

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Synthetic Instrument Flexibility.
Test multiple standard and custom bus protocols using a single instrument.

Superior operational test.
Complete emulation as well as bus functional test capability increases UUT fault capture rate.

Emulates up to 4 buses simultaneously in a single VXI slot.
Lower acquisition cost and smaller footprint results in lower system integration cost, as well as lower TPS implementation and maintenance costs.

Straightforward upgrade capability
With its ability to address changing test requirements, the Bi-Series avoids test system obsolescence, resulting in reduced cost of long-term sustainment.

VXI plug&play™ software drivers supports C programming interface.
Reduces TPS development and maintenance costs with the fully supported C- programming interface that makes it easy to create new test models or modify existing ones.

Production-ready test equipment together with long-term Teradyne support.
Eliminating the problem of bus test obsolescence reduces test system logistics and maintenance costs—all supported by Teradyne’s decades of defense and aerospace test equipment expertise.


The Bi4-Series is the test solution for a wide variety of buses used in defense and aerospace applications.

Provides standard and serial bus protocol emulation and test for buses including:

  • MIL-STD-1553 A/B
  • ARINC 429
  • ARINC 573
  • RS-232
  • RS-422
  • RS-423
  • RS-485


Multiple bus test capability

The Bi4-Series instruments are available in 2– and 4-bus modules.

System Options

Additional Capabilities and Accessories

  • MIC bus and CAN bus capability
  • Interface adapters and cables
  • Extended warranty/advanced replacement service