Spectrum HS™

A Functional Test System Optimized for Real-Time Digital Bus Test

Defense and aerospace manufacturers and field repair depots face ever more rigorous demands for real-time test of boards, assemblies, and systems—especially new products in the development pipeline—that conventional testers can’t handle.

Spectrum HS is Teradyne’s fully integrated functional test system. Optimized for real-time test of low latency buses, it’s a high-performance system delivering excellent test coverage of current and future products.

Designed around PXI and LXI instrumentation, The HS system has the performance, flexibility, and completeness needed to meet formidable analog, digital, mixed-signal, and bus test specs.

Teradyne’s powerful hardware is accompanied by robust yet straightforward software tools that speed comprehensive test program set (TPS) development. More than five decades of Teradyne’s functional test experience are built into the Spectrum HS—the long-term answer to increasingly challenging high-speed test requirements.

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Spectrum HS


Faster TPS implementation.
Spectrum’s proven PC-based software development suite reduces TPS implementation time and cost while increasing test coverage. Proven PC-based software development tools reduce test implementation time and effort with full QA by Teradyne of ongoing software releases..

A flexible, integrated test system.
Spectrum HS incorporates industry-leading test functionality, switching, software, self-test and calibration capabilities in a single integrated system that includes power distribution and thermal management.

Open architecture eliminates the threat of obsolescence.
Spectrum HS open architecture incorporates industry standards—PXI, LXI,
VXI, GPIB, IVI, Windows, ATML, safety, EMI—together with expandable size and power, providing straightforward modular expansion as test needs evolve.

High-performance bus test.
Spectrum HS is capable of real-time test of complex buses on boards, assemblies and systems—and is built for the increasingly complex, higher-speed digital buses on the horizon.

Benefit from Teradyne’s application experience and global support
Every Spectrum HS comes with Teradyne’s experienced applications expertise backed by a worldwide support and maintenance infrastructure that ensures rapid setup and implementation, as well as available next-day spare parts service.

Teradyne is here for the long run.
The international trailblazer in semiconductor, production, and depot test for more than 5 decades, Teradyne continues to be the leader in integrated functional test systems for defense/aerospace applications.


Spectrum HS system applications include:

  • High-performance functional test for analog, digital and mixed boards, assemblies, and systems that incorporate high-speed, low latency busses used in products such as avionics, missiles, and vehicles.
  • Real-time bus testing for today’s and tomorrow’s boards, assemblies, and systems.
  • Performs in virtually every test environment including production test, depot repair of new and legacy products, including legacy rehosting.


The Spectrum HS system is available in a virtually unlimited array of configurations—from compact to large:

  • Single bay through six bays
  • Single-tier, double-tier and triple-tier interfaces (ICA)
  • 6 KVA to 60 KVA input power

System Options

Spectrum HS features a broad range of options.

Spectrum HS is designed to work with all standard third-party instruments, including:

  • System level self-test
  • Configuration of ICA cables

Software: Available support for third party software in addition to Spectrum HS standard software.

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