Spectrum BT™

Focused Functional Test for Engineering Lab, Production, and Depot

Designed to meet the needs of product engineering labs, production lines, test development centers, and repair depots, the Spectrum BT is a configurable and scalable functional test system. This focused system solves typical functional test coverage challenges throughout the defense/aerospace product life cycle—and it’s upgradable as test requirements evolve.

Fully TPS compatible with other Spectrum systems, its open PXI/LXI hardware and software environment eliminate the support, configurability, and documentation problems associated with inflexible purpose-built systems.

Unlike custom rack and stack testers, Spectrum BT is fully supported with Teradyne and third-party TPS development tools. It’s fully documented and supported worldwide.

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Spectrum BT


A wide range of receiver options.
Allows the re-use of engineering fixtures on a Spectrum HS production system.

Faster TPS implementation
Proven PC-based software development tools reduce test implementation time and effort with full QA by Teradyne of ongoing software releases.

Reduced TPS development cost.
Offload TPS development to the less expensive BT system that’s fully compatible with other members of the Spectrum test system family.

PXI/LXI-centric instrumentation flexibility for present and future test requirements.

  • An adaptable engineering development system for product design and debug.
  • A lower-cost TPS development platform that frees up larger, more expensive test systems for operational testing.
  • Spectrum BT supplements production process tests (In-circuit test, automated optical and X-Ray inspection, etc.) on the factory floor.
  • Enhances return-to-service productivity at the repair depot.

Benefit from Teradyne’s application experience and global support.
Every Spectrum BT comes with Teradyne’s experienced applications expertise backed by a worldwide support and maintenance infrastructure that ensures rapid setup and implementation, as well as available next-day spare parts service.

Teradyne is here for the long run.
The international trailblazer in semiconductor, production, and depot test for more than 5 decades, Teradyne continues to be the leader in integrated functional test systems for defense/aerospace applications.


Spectrum BT systems are at work where defense and aerospace products are designed, built, and used. Typical applications include:

  • Flexible and scalable product development platform for engineering labs.
  • Low cost TPS development platform.
  • Focused manufacturing test augments production process test.
  • Troubleshooting faulty products—either failures at manufacturing of field returns at depot test.


The Spectrum BT base system includes:

  • Teradyne OEM PXIe chassis with controller
  • 2U Computer
  • 64-Channel 6020-Series digital instrument
  • Modular power supply
  • System self-test

System Options

Spectrum BT features a full range of useful options as well as numerous PXI/LXI instrument options to meet every test requirement.

  • Full G20 receiver for mass interconnects
  • Full G20X receiver for Spectrum HS compatibility
  • High Speed Subsystem
    • Serial, parallel, custom and standard bus support
    • Unique three-tier architecture incorporates the advantages of simple field-programmable gate array instruments
    • Real-time interaction with unit under test
    • VERTA Optical Test Capability
  • Switching
    • Crosspoint matrix
    • High Bandwidth switch modules
    • Switch management software
  • Third-Party Instruments
    • Spectrum BT is designed to work with all standard third-party instruments, including:
      • System level self-test
      • Configuration of ICA cables
    • Software: Available support for third party software in addition to Spectrum HS standard software.
    • Other Options:
      • Mobile Cart
      • Additional instrumentation space / Larger PXI chassis
      • Higher power PDUs
      • Work Surface
      • Articulating swing arm for display
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