Spectrum BT™

Focused Functional Test System

The Spectrum BT is a fully integrated PXI-based test platform optimized for testing a focused group of Unit Under Tests (UUTs). The Spectrum BT provides best-in-class functional test capability and configurability at a size and price that meets the needs of engineering labs, manufacturing facilities, and depots.

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Compact, Cost-Effective Test Solution

  • Compact solution with flexibility and configurability to support a wide range of test applications
  • Standards-based and open architecture provides a vast number of options to meet the most demanding present and future test requirements
  • Compact system fits on a workbench, with an expansion capability via a mobile cart to cover a range of applications
  • Full compatibility with Teradyne’s Spectrum HS allows cost-effective scalability throughout your product life cycle
  • Fully integrated, standard system includes system cooling, self-test, wire verification test, and an extensive documentation package

Typical Test Applications

  • Focused test solution addressing a focused set of UUTs
  • Common and scalable solution for multi-site and outsourced manufacturing
  • Design Verification and system integration testing
  • Troubleshooting faulty products
  • Test Program Set (TPS) development


  • The Spectrum BT base system includes:
  • Teradyne OEM PXIe chassis with controller
  • 2U Computer
  • 64-Channel 6020-Series digital instrument
  • Modular power supply
  • System self-test

System Options

Spectrum BT features a full range of useful options as well as numerous PXI/LXI instrument options to meet every test requirement.


  • Full G20 receiver for mass interconnects
  • Full G20X receiver for Spectrum HS compatibility

PXI/PXIe/LXI Test Instruments:

  • Serial, parallel, custom and standard bus instruments
  • Real-time processing and storage instruments for data-intensive testing
  • High-channel count parallel digital instruments
  • Precision Analog instruments
  • Optical test instruments
  • RF instruments and subsystems
  • Standard third-party instruments


  • Digital/Optical switching
  • RF switching or customer-specific RFIU
  • Crosspoint matrix
  • High Bandwidth switch modules
  • Switch management software

Other Options:

  • Mobile Cart
  • Additional instrumentation space / Larger PXI chassis
  • Higher power PDUs
  • Work Surface
  • Articulating swing arm for display
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