Teradyne develops and supports Modular Digitizers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, and Waveform Generators under the ZT-Series brand. Teradyne’s ZT-Series works to solve the test and measurement challenges of various end markets such as Defense and Aerospace, Semiconductor Test, High Energy Physics Applications, Industrial Control and Automotive Test.

The ZT-Series modular digital oscilloscopes and waveform generators provide superior performance and support industry standards for easy integration into automated test systems. Its powerful hardware is complemented by its flexible software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) to enhance the instrument’s capabilities for new and legacy test requirements. The instrument’s on-board signal processing and measurement suite speeds up data acquisition and analysis. The instruments are available in PXI, LXI, and VXI.


Integrators of new and legacy test systems must choose among an enormous variety of discrete analog instrumentation from multiple vendors, increasing test system design and integration time as well as total capital expense.

ZT-Series Modular analog test instruments solve these problems.

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Digitizers, and Arbitrary Waveform Generators offer analog stimulus/measurement capabilities over a wide range of performance specifications—packaged in high-density form factors (PXI/PXIe, VXI, LXI).

ZT-Series instruments meet test and measurement challenges in multiple applications, including defense/aerospace, high energy physics, industrial control, and semiconductor test.

Flexible software and Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools complement this powerful, high-bandwidth hardware. Available VXI, PXI, and LXI configurations support industry standards for straightforward integration into new and legacy systems for any demanding analog test requirement.


Platform flexibility.
Available in popular standard modular configurations: PXI/PXIe, VXI, and LXI. In 2 or 4 channels per instrument promotes integration with various test system designs and chassis.

Cross-Platform Commonality.
ZT-Series instruments have the same performance across their different form factors. For example, a PXI-based system in a factory delivers identical test performance on a VXI-based system in a depot.

High density form factors.
Increased functional test density with decreased test system footprint and lower overall cost.

Wide range of available specifications.
Choose the right instrument for the task with wide bandwidth, high sample rate, and up to 14-bit resolution.

On-board signal processing.
Speeds data acquisition and analysis, increasing test throughput rate.

Intuitive software and Graphic User Interface.
Ease of use and fast learning curve enables faster, more efficient Test Program Set (TPS) implementation.

Compatibility with third-party tools.
Tools, such as LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI enable speedy instrument integration and reduced training costs.

Worldwide support.
Available support services include 24-hour repair-and-return of defective parts, hotline telephone support and comprehensive training and documentation.


Defense and Aerospace ATE.

ZT-Series instruments support two separate sub-sections of the NAVAIR eCASS stations. The USAF updated its flight line A-10 PATS-70 test systems, enabling extremely precise measurements.

Semiconductor manufacturing.

This semiconductor manufacturer used multiple LXI DSO instruments to monitor voltage rail fluctuations on their next generation chipset.

High energy physics.

US Department of Energy used more than 100 DSO channels for parallel data capture during High-Power Pulse events.


ZT-Series instruments are available in a variety of configurations:

ZT4600 Series: 1 GHz, 2-4 GS/s, 8-bit Oscilloscope/Digitizer

ZT4400 Series: 300 MHz, 800-1000 MS/s, 12-14 bit Oscilloscope/Digitizer

ZT4210 Series: 300 MHz, 1 GS/s, 8-bit Oscilloscope/Digitizer

ZT5200 Series: Function generator with 18 standard waveforms plus Arbitrary Waveform generator


ZScope Training Video

ZSignal Training Video

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