Total Test Solution

Outsource Schedule Risk; Leverage Teradyne’s Expertise

​Total Test Solution combines Teradyne’s leading-edge products, unmatched engineering expertise, and long-term support into complete and cost-effective test solutions for defense and aerospace factories, keeping their manufacturing projects on schedule and budget.

Achieving capable factory functional test requires meeting multiple criteria to ensure the highest quality product. These criteria include test capability and repeatability, system upgradability and supportability, and production scalability.

Setting up new production test not only involves implementing new test systems, but also managing schedule risk and budget which are often impacted by technical challenges and limited resources.

Teradyne Total Test Solution delivers complete functional test solutions that include test equipment, TPS (test programs and fixtures), and long-term support, optimized for customer’s specific requirements at a defined cost and schedule.

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Ongoing collaboration with the customer is the key ingredient of the Total Test Solution process. Our team of system engineers and test application experts collaborate with customers throughout the project to develop a robust test strategy, optimized test applications, repeatable test results, and a support plan that meets customer’s needs.

Developing the Right Solution

Total Test Solution project consists of three stages: 1) test strategy development, 2) implementation, and 3) Deployment and Long-term support. Teradyne offers a broad range of products, engineering services and support packages to meet customer specific needs.

At the beginning of the project, Teradyne and the customer collaborate on the overall test strategy by reviewing Test Requirement Document (TRD) and other relevant materials. Teradyne provides test requirement analyses, if needed, and responds with a recommended test strategy and system configuration. The Statement of Work (SOW) is developed in collaboration after the test strategy is agreed upon.

Based on the SOW, Teradyne provides a firm fixed price proposal for the completion of the work per the SOW and can assist the customer in developing a proposal for their end customer if required.

Following the test solution implementation, the customer and Teradyne develop a long-term support plan that fits the customer’s needs. Teradyne offers a wide range of training services and support packages that ensure an effective long-term deployment of the test solution.

Minimizing Risk with Teradyne Total Test Solution

Teradyne has the three essential elements that ensure customer success:

  • Expertise: Teradyne’s applications team has a decades-long history of successfully delivering test applications, physical interfaces, and TPS (test program sets) to factories and military facilities worldwide.
  • Experience: Teradyne has extensive experience in project and program management. Meeting schedule goals and mitigating risks for production test implementation has been Teradyne’s business since the 1970’s.
  • Excellence: Teradyne’s worldwide reputation is proof that it stands behind and supports what it delivers – low-risk, optimized test solutions, on time and on budget.

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