Design Verification & System Integration Test Solutions

Cost-effective Solutions for Rapid Product Development

​Teradyne provides a broad range of leading-edge products & engineering services supporting simulation & test activities to ensure your design verification, system integration, and qualification activities are completed on-time and within budget.

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The successful deployment of a new defense system starts with a well-planned product development process. Effective design verification, system integration & qualification testing strategies are essential to rapidly delivering reliable new systems on-time and within budget.

Teradyne provides products and services to ensure your design verification activities efficiently and effectively certify that project and new product designs are compliant with all requirements. New system designs are not complete until they have been successfully integrated onto the targeted defense platforms and then qualified for deployment and field operations. Teradyne also provides a wealth of expertise, services and products supporting successful integration and deployment activities.

Solutions for Design Verification, HIL, and System-level Qualification

System Integration and Hardware-in-the-loop

Test tools and HIL solutions supporting faster, lower cost, and low risk avionics system integration and verification test.

Protocol Compliance Test

Avionics Ethernet (ARINC 664 / AFDX®) and Fibre Channel Network Protocol Compliance Test Solutions.

Analyzers & DAQ Systems

Integrated System Solutions for Avionics Network & Bus Data Acquisition and Analysis

Streaming Data Capturing and Storage

A fully integrated HSSub System providing a high-integrity, high-throughput and cost-effective solution to test UUTs that need accurate capture and fast offloading of large-scale, high-speed, multi-stream data.

Board-level Design and Verification Solutions

Software-Defined, reconfigurable PXIe instruments supporting Boundary Scan, Flash Programming, and functional tests

Switching and Optical Power Management

Verta Integrated solution for digital switching and fiber optics operational verification.

Network Switches Fibre Channel & Ethernet Switching and Interconnect Solutions

Application-Specific Benchtop Test System

Reconfigurable benchtop functional test system for focused functional tests, easily transferable from board-level design to system qualification process.

Flight test solutions

Ethernet & Fibre Channel network devices, legacy bus interfaces, protocol IP, and flight test systems for on-aircraft applications.

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