Di-Series™ Digital Test Instrumentation

Integrated, standards based VXI instruments for digital test

Newer, higher performance defense and aerospace systems require increasingly rigorous digital testing. The VXI-based Di-Series multi-channel test instruments support these requirements with a powerful combination of performance, flexibility, usability, and reliability.

The Di-Series tests all levels of integration from board level (SRA/SRU) to box level (WRA/LRU) units under test (UUTs), while maintaining full compatibility with previous generations of Teradyne instrumentation and systems. Excellent usability and reliability reduce programming and support effort, as well as straightforward upgrades of existing test program sets (TPS).

Di-Series instruments are used in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Standard automatic test system (ATS), U.S. Army IFTE, U.S. Navy eCASS, CASS, and RTCASS testers, U.S. Air Force VDATS, and Spectrum 9100 avionics test systems.

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Superior performance.
Di-Series’ 50MHz speed, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS), and Quad-Detect™, which bands lower and upper limits of logic states, improve test quality, and decrease No Fault Found escapes.

LRU/WRA-Centric flexibility for bus-oriented digital tests.
Built-in capabilities, such as the Di-Series Handshake Engine, simplify asynchronous data transfer, improving test quality while reducing TPS programming time, complexity, and cost.

Unequaled usability.
Di-Series eliminates the need for shared resources with its independently programmed channels together with the iStudio™ graphic programming environment to speed TPS development and reduce cost.

Full compatibility.
Upgrade previous generations of Teradyne systems and instruments with the assurance that existing test programs are translated with proven TPS Converter Studio™ software.

Reliability and survivability.
High-density packaging and strict quality control including shock and vibration testing ensure low mean time between failure (MTBF) in the most rugged shipboard and mobile environments.

Worldwide support.
Available support services include 24-hour repair-and-return of defective parts, hotline telephone support, comprehensive training and documentation, and in-field calibration verification.


The Di-Series instruments feature a host of critical test capabilities that cover a wide range of applications.

Di-Series applications include:

  • Parallel digital test
  • Single-ended and differential digital test
  • Memory test
  • LRU/WRA test of new and legacy equipment
  • M9-Series and L-Series replacement


Match Di-Series configurations to your current and future test needs:

Configuration choices include:

  • Operating speed: 25 MHz or 50MHz
  • Voltage range: ±15V or ±30V
  • Channel count: 32, 48 or 64

System Options

Additional Capabilities and Accessories

  • Optional interface adapters and cables
  • Optional extended warranty/advanced replacement service
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