eDigital-Series™ Digital Test Instrumentation

PXIe digital instrument supporting parallel digital testing for LVDS technologies.

Defense and aerospace boxes and board designs frequently use low voltage TTL (LVTTL) and/or low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) technologies and often require boundary scan and parallel I/O flash programming test capability. eDigital-Series instruments provide flexible, parallel digital functional test for units under test (UUTs) employing logic voltages between -2V to +6V.

Teradyne’s eDigital IVI driver controls all parallel digital functional test parameters, including per-pin timing and voltage levels, data formats, pattern data, and timing alignment on 32 channels with up to 16M pattern depth and results memory.  Systems can achieve up to 544 synchronized channels using Teradyne’s Contact Free Air-Coupled Signal Technology (CFAST) using the newest instruments in the eDigital-Series.

eDigital-Series instruments also capitalize on the boundary scan, parallel I/O, and flash programming capabilities, which are often included on these newer UUTs. Packaged in a compact PXIe form factor, eDigital-Series instruments may be used as a standalone instrument or configured as part of an integrated HSSub system.

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Superior LVTTL and LVDS digital test performance.
Its -2V to +6V digital channels feature 16MB pattern depth and results memory at up to 50MHz data rates across up to 544 single ended channels in a virtual instrument

Device programming via boundary scan and third-party boundary scan support.
Supports JTAG, Asset, Corelis, and Acculogic boundary scan tools.

eDigital software driver.
Provides full control of per-pin timing, data format and deskew across 32 single ended channels which can be programmed using modernized digital test editor (eDTE)

PXIe form factor.
Compact form factor maximizes performance density while reducing test system footprint.

Reliability and survivability.
High-density packaging and strict quality control including shock and vibration testing ensure low mean time between failure (MTBF) in the most rugged shipboard and mobile environments.

Worldwide support.
Available support services include 24-hour repair-and-return of defective parts, hotline telephone support, comprehensive training and documentation, and in-field calibration verification.


The eDigital-Series instrument family features a host of critical test capabilities that cover a wide range of applications.

eDigital-Series applications include:

  • Parallel digital test
  • Single-ended and differential digital test
  • Conventional, parallel I/O and flash programming via boundary scan I2C +SPI and PCI via HSSub App


eDigital-Series is available as a standalone instrument or as a member of the HSSub instrumentation family:

Configuration choices include:

  • eDigital-6030
  • eDigital-6020A
  • eDigital-6025A
  • HSSub-6020
  • HSSub-6020 with funnel
  • HSSub-6025

System Options

Additional Capabilities and Accessories

  • Optional interface adapters and cables
  • Optional extended warranty/advanced replacement service