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  • Device Interface Solutions

    Device Interface Solutions is the #1 interface supplier for DeviceInterfaceLogo-200x80_TeradyneTeradyne automated test equipment, producing more than 500 designs each year.

    With over 120 design and operations experts, we offer the widest range of products and services in the industry, spanning from Wafer Sort and Final Test to custom and standard interface hardware—all coupled with application development and worldwide delivery services. Our extensive global staff ensures a local presence that speaks your native language—ready to take on any level of complexity or performance you need. We’re ready to be your go-to, trusted supplier for all your interface requirements.

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    • Test Cell Solutions

      TestCellSolutions-200x80-TeradyneTeradyne's Test Cell Solutions provides standard and custom test-cell integration products and services that optimize Release-to-Production (RTP) and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) for the FLEX Family, ETS and J750-based test cells. Our team of designers and product specialists bring over 500 cumulative years of test cell interfacing and solution design experience. Leaders in multi-site test with solutions from x2 to x512, we also offer custom services specific to your test cell requirements.

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    • Silicon Release Solutions

      SRS-Logo.pngSilicon Release Solutions is a focused business group within Teradyne’s world-class Global Services Organization (GSO). It enables fabless companies of any size to get-to-market and get-to-profit as quickly as possible with a unique and comprehensive support model. With expert support for any Integrated Circuit (IC) technology, we streamline your process to drive production volumes, lower cost and manage risk.

    • Authorized Suppliers

      Teradyne offers a network of approved service providers that our customers may use with total confidence:

      • Global Support and Worldwide Reach
      • Proven Quality Service & Products
      • Teradyne Approved
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    • Custom Solution Offerings

      We offer customized versions of our standard products or new designs to suit your needs and meet your specific requirements. Teradyne can give you the support you need to quickly get your tester up and running and operating smoothly for the life of your project.