Expediting Development and Getting Your Products to Market Faster

From design through production, whether developing and debugging code or performing characterization, Teradyne offers an array of seamless solutions that extend beyond our core software to reduce your engineering efforts and speed development.

Teradyne Tools for Design-to-Test

Teradyne provides a range of software solutions that enable customers to convert simulation files (EVCD/VCD, STIL, and WGL) to tester platforms, perform pre-silicon validation, and debug tests using high-level protocols using your own design tools directly on the tester.

  • Test Data Link  – Optimize the digital design simulation-to-tester pattern conversion path with Test Insight’s suite of tools. Offered in partnership with Test Insight.
  • Virtual Test Wizard – Create an ATE-aware test bench, to perform digital pre-silicon testing with the same results as post-silicon ATE. Offered in partnership with Test Insight.
  • PortBridge (UltraFLEX and UltraFLEXplus) – Perform chip-level design debug through the PortBridge patented technology which enables designers’ tools to seamlessly drive tester transactions.

Test Program Development and Debug

  • QuickCalc – Commonly used formulas and calculations in a single handy tool


  • Oasis Tool Suite (UltraFlex, J750) – Optimize your test program development life cycle with a collection of tools that include:
    • IG-Flow – Visualization of complex test program flows
    • IG-Link – Program modularity to enable chip module reuse and collaborative development
    • IG-Review – Test program analysis to reduce inefficiencies in coding
    • IG-Diff – Test program comparison and change traceability
    • IG-Sim – Simulate responses and perform regression testing
    • IG-Logger – Automated capturing of tester states
    • IG-Data – Easy access to test program elements for custom tool development
    • Utilities – Additional utilities to help with bug submission, converting programs between software versions, and more…
  • TerMSTApp (ETS-800) – Improve efficiency with debugged best-practice code libraries.
  • Showtool (ETS-800) – Capture, record, and display tester states quickly and easily to speed debug.
  • Skeleton Generator (ETS-800) – Automate test program creation.
  • DIB Diagnostics – Functionally test custom DIB designs to maximize fault coverage.

Test Time Reduction:

  • Timelines – Visualize and analyze detailed test program execution to identify potential test time reductions, optimize programs using concurrent test, and gain multi-site efficiency.

Correlation/Production Software:

  • Examinator
  • STDF Merge & Repair – View, modify, and process raw STDF data files.
  • DIB Health Monitor – Identify potential yield loss due to DIB issues such as worn components.
  • Fault-Detection Engine (UltraFlex) – Monitor unexpected deviations in production results for immediate resolution.
  • Tester Information Collector (UltraFlex) – Track, manage, and optimize your assets. Match test program requirements to available tester configurations, track tester-to-tester instrument movement, and monitor system health.

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