Defense & Aerospace

Lean Logistics and Field Proven Performance

Teradyne is the leading supplier of commercial automatic test equipment used by Defense and Aerospace manufacturers, depots, and intermediate-level facilities worldwide. Our products are key components of mission-critical automatic test systems programs, helping to provide standardization, performance, and readiness to customers everywhere.

Product Overview

Teradyne Defense & Aerospace provides products that address all levels of ATE integration, ranging from instrumentation through complete systems, along with the technical and logistics support required to ensure successful long-term deployment. Our high-performance instruments and integrated subsystems are widely employed by OEMs and in-house test groups in the most advanced factory and field ATS programs. Teradyne systems benefit from our proven design and integration capability, providing solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.



Powerful and versatile instruments are the building blocks that form the core of any test solution:

  • The Teradyne Defense & Aerospace Core System Instrumentation (CSi) family includes a broad range of capabilities for integration by OEMs, Teradyne, and end-users:
    • The de facto standard, general purpose Di-Series Digital Test Instruments
    • Avionics Interface Technologies (AIT) advanced avionics data bus instruments, data loaders, network simulators and flight test equipment
    • Ai-710 and Ai-760 Multi-Function Analog (MFA) instruments
    • ZT-Series performance Oscilloscopes and Waveform Generators
    • Bi-Series general purpose, highly configurable legacy bus instruments
  • High Speed Subsystem (HSSub) Runtime Defined Instruments for advanced bus test
  • VERTA Integrated optical power measurement and output control, as well as high-speed switching between UUT and ATE instrument ports to test multiple fiber optic links.

Subsystems & Systems

Subsystems and Systems combine Teradyne Defense & Aerospace and third-party products into fully integrated, customer-specific solutions, based on over 50 years of experience:


Flexible and capable tools for TPS generation, debugging, and runtime execution:

  • TPS development and debugging capabilities in iStudio and HSSub TriFlex software
  • TPS Converter Studio test migration and TestStudio test execution software
  • LASAR digital simulation-based and VICTORY Boundary Scan test generation software

Services and Support

Service & Support products focus on maximizing uptime while minimizing cost of ownership throughout the equipment lifecycle.

Service and Support