Image Sensor Test System IP750Ex-HD

The Global Leader in Image Sensor Testing

Why does the IP750Ex-HD lead the market? It’s a trusted fourth-generation test system that delivers image sensor test capability for current and future devices while providing the lowest cost of test.

IP750Ex Image Sensor Test System

Our customers know that Teradyne’s worldwide applications support provides unparalleled test expertise. All of which may explain why the image sensor market has consistently selected the IP750Ex-HD Image Sensor Test System as their test solution.

The IP750EX-HD has been the test platform that has enabled the industry to manufacture high quality CCD and CMOS image sensors, and it is the most economical platform to meet the needs of newer technologies such as Time of Flight (ToF) sensors. When you use a smartphone, high performance digital still camera, or in-home security and surveillance system, these applications have image sensors most likely tested by Teradyne’s IP750ExHD.

As image sensors are being designed with more features, Teradyne’s IP750Ex-HD continues to expand test coverage. “Sensing” devices now include distance ranging, 3D depth sensing, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), automotive safety and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications. Mobile applications are increasing the adoption of multiple cameras and fingerprint scanning camera for user authentication. The increased complexity of the device design increases test time. And, automotive applications are seeing increased test insertions impacted by low and high temperature test at the packaged device test.

How do we improve test times and time to market as image sensors become more complex? Teradyne’s IP750Ex-HD operates with the award-winning IG-XL™ software. Image Sensor vendors know that the user-friendly software provides the fastest time from R&D to production.

The IP750Ex-HD is architected to meet the increasing demands of higher resolution image sensors, expanding test quality standards, and innovative new sensor features with varying wavelengths of light and modulation features.  The architecture supports 64-bit image data processing to meet the processing demands of increasingly higher resolution sensors, and the data transfer utilizes the fastest data busses to ensure that the fastest test times are achieved.  While Teradyne provides image processing libraries and applications expertise to make it easy for test engineers, IG-XL™ also allows customers to implement customized image test algorithms to both create and protect their test IP.


Powerful bank of processors for running the most advanced image test algorithms for high resolution devices

High speed parallel data transfer at 40Gbps per instrument

Up to 80 sites in parallel test

Scalable computing and high data movement architecture ensure the lowest cost of test across all sensor types – from low site count specialty sensors to high volume image sensors

Secure and easy support for customer proprietary test algorithms

Broad Device Coverage

  • High versatility for testing a broad range of devices – VGA to over 100M pixels with numerous image output capture standards capability
  • Only instrument solution in the market with custom LVDS protocol coverage
  • Strong SoC test capability with digital instrument for SoC type image sensor



  • 80-site system capable for wafer test
  • ICMD 1.5Gbps MIPI D-Phy image capture instrument
  • Custom LVDS capture capability with ICMD
  • D-PHY 2.5Gbps image capture unit
  • C-PHY 2.5Gsps image capture unit
  • M-PHY 6.0Gbps image capture unit
  • HSD800 400MHz Digital instrument
  • HDDPS 24/48Ch DC source
  • 40Gbps image data transfer
  • 150mm x 160mm illuminator support
  • Compatible with J750Ex-HD instruments

System Options

VI Resources

  • APMU: 64Ch, -35V to 35V, 50mA@35V capability, merge x8 /400mA
  • HDVIS: -10V to 10V, 200mA@10V capability, merge x4/800mA

Converter Test

  • CTO: 8 Source, 8 Capture, 16-bit ADC testing
  • HDCTO:  32 Source, 32 Voltage Reference, 8 Capture, 14-bit ADC testing