The World’s Leading Semiconductor Test Platform

The UltraFLEXplus combines new instrument and software capabilities with a revolutionary tester infrastructure that provides a step-function improvement in throughput and engineering efficiency – all while leveraging the cumulative test IP developed over the UltraFLEX’s long history.

UltraFLEXplus soc tester


Fastest Time to Production

IG-XL software compatibility and the new Broadside Applications Interface enables test engineers to be more productive from the start and reduce the time to production by more than 20%.

Highest Throughput

The new UltraFLEXplus architecture increases site counts and improves parallel test efficiency, increasing overall throughput and  reducing the number of test cells required by 15%-50%.

Scalable Architecture

The UltraFLEXplus can be redeployed for multiple product lines and upgraded for future product requirements, increasing reuse and extending the asset’s useful life.


  • Mobile Application Processor
  • Digital Baseband Processors
  • High Data Rate RF Transceivers
  • Mobile Power Management ICs (PMIC)
  • Microprocessors
  • Network Processors
  • High Speed SERDES (SERializer/DESerializer) and Backplane Transceivers
  • Storage Controllers
  • High-end Microcontrollers
  • Audio and Video Processors


The UltraFLEXplus has 3 base systems that allow customers to optimize capital cost, floor space and maximum resource count. All three versions utilize the Broadside DIB for higher density, higher site counts, and simplified routing.

UltraFLEXplus Q24
24-slot system

UltraFLEXplus Q12
12-slot system

UltraFLEXplus Q6
6-slot system

Suite of New High Performance Third Generation Instruments

Digital Instruments

UltraPin2200 – Next Generation Digital Instrument

  • High density, 512 channels per instrument
  • 32 pattern generators per instrument for concurrent test or unique pattern flows per site
  • Proprietary, hardware-based protocol aware capability
  • Dedicated memories for non-deterministic data testing
  • Up to 16Gbit scan test capacity with a flexible pattern memory architecture
  • Data sharing across sites

AC Instruments

UltraPAC300 – Next Generation High Density Analog Instrument

  • High performance audio and baseband AC instrument
  • Coverage up to 300MHz
  • Dual mode high speed and high-resolution channels

UltraCTO384 – High performance, High Density Converter Test Option

  • 128 source channels, 128 capture channels, and 128 reference channels

  • Single ended and differential embedded converter test up to 16 bits of resolution

  • Sine and smooth ramp generation for at-speed testing

  • +/-50uV voltage measurement accuracy for device trim

  • DUT voltage sense for both source and reference

  • Integrated source to reference calibration minimizes DIB circuitry requirements allowing for high sitecount

DC Instruments

UVS256-HP – High Density, Highly Flexible General-purpose Device Power Supply

  • 256 channels per instrument
  • Flexible merge capability
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • Low noise
  • Four quadrant voltage or current source and measure

UVS64 – Next Generation Core Power Supply Instrument

  • Extremely accurate, stable resource for device core supplies
  • Unmatched dynamic performance
  • <1mV 6 Sigma voltage accuracy
  • Up to 320 Amps of device power per instrument
  • Merge up to 1,600A for a single supply
  • Supports instantaneous system-wide current steps of up to 2,560 Amps

UVI264 – High Precision, High Density DC Instrument

  • 104 low voltage channels muxed to 248 connections
  • 8 high voltage channels muxed to 16 connections
  • Flexible channel merge for USB charging standard
  • High precision DC measurements

The UltraFLEX Family

Leveraging our customers’ existing investment, the UltraFLEX family of testers strives to reduce the engineering effort required to develop and deploy new test programs with comprehensive instrumentation and our IG-XL software, an industry standard with over 10,000 active programmers that has been continually enhanced over UltraFLEX’s long history.

As the leading provider of complete test cell solutions and services, we at Teradyne leverage our expertise, experience, and technology leadership to help our customers achieve the highest yield and throughput in production with the fastest time to market. We partner with you in your journey from design to production to provide standard and customized test cell products and services.