Transform Your Manufacturing with Robotic Innovation

Teradyne Robotics brings the power of advanced automation to companies of all sizes, everywhere. Our solutions – which include collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots and motion control software for robots – are safe, reliable and easy to deploy.

Through our robotics companies – Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots – we enable you to harness the combined power of machines and human talent to improve operational efficiency. The result is better quality, better products and better business.

The Competitive Advantage You Need

Manufacturers around the world turn to robotics to increase productivity, reduce workplace injury and streamline processes. Teradyne provides manufacturers with cost-effective, flexible and safe automation. Our solutions drive immediate and long-term value by addressing a wide range of production tasks and helping to combat capacity, labor and cost constraints.

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Leave dirty, dangerous and dull jobs to robots

See how Aircraft Tooling integrates collaborative robots to free employees from working in harsh environments


Teradyne’s Expanding Portfolio of Robotics

Teradyne Robotics includes Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). These companies operate as independent business units within the division.

Together, their solutions – collaborative robotics, autonomous mobile robots and motion control software for robots – enable companies of all sizes to transform their manufacturing processes and create safer, more productive workplaces.

UR Cobot Use Case MX

Collaborative Robots

Collaborative robots – or cobots – work alongside humans. These lightweight, easy to program robotic arms enable companies of all sizes to implement automation at a low cost and without technical expertise. With flexible architecture, cobots can be trained to perform endless applications and break the stigma of traditional robots that are programmed to only do one thing.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Enabled by collaborative technologies, autonomous mobile robots allow users to quickly and cost-effectively manage internal logistics, without the need for infrastructure modifications. These next-generation robots address low, mid and high payload material handling tasks for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. They offer easy deployment, improved safety, and increased efficiency of in-house logistics.

Energid Actin Software on Laptop

Motion Control Software for Robots

Proprietary software simplifies the programming of complex robotic systems. Hardware and operating system agnostic, it uses a general dynamics model that can represent any robotic configuration. The software is used across a variety of industries and applications to control and simulate robotic motions in real-time.

Automation, Robots and Jobs

Work continuously evolves. From elevator operators and toll both collectors to bankers, financial analysts and marketing specialists – technology forces positive change. A roofer’s job becomes easier and more productive when equipped with a nail gun instead of using a hammer and nails. A mechanic becomes more productive when using electronic diagnostic tools. An assembly worker’s job is safer when robots move the heavy packages. These are small automation solutions that significantly increase productivity and performance for both employers and employees.

There’s no denying that automation will change the workforce. However, this is not a man vs. machine fight. In manufacturing, robots are not here to replace people – they’re here to work with people and create new opportunities. We are on the verge of tapping into the next level of the automation economy – with unprecedented value stemming from man AND machine collaboration, not one or the other.

Advanced automation solutions, like collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots, fill labor gaps by automating tedious and repetitive tasks. This is especially beneficial for the dangerous, dull and dirty tasks that few humans want to take on, such as screw driving, low-value transportation, palletizing or machine tending. Even more beneficial, when humans are freed from monotonous work, they have more time for value-orientated and human-driven activities, like product innovation, lean improvements and creative problem-solving.

Automation enables the economy to grow and remain competitive – which ultimately leads to employment growth, financial stability and employee retention. Teradyne’s Industrial Automation solutions are safe, reliable and easy to deploy and equip companies of all sizes, everywhere to tap into the immense benefits of automation.

Collaborative robot on manufacturing floor

Our robotics automate tasks, deliver fast ROI and free people to reach their potential.