Wireless Testing

High-Throughput, Cost-Effective Test Solutions for High-Volume Manufacturing

Thorough testing of wireless technologies is essential, but it can’t result in production slowdowns or increased costs. Teradyne’s industry-leading wireless testers deliver high-throughput and get the newest technologies from the lab to high-volume manufacturing, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our test solutions – including our line of LitePoint testers – are designed for a wide range of wireless technologies, from semiconductor wafers to final product test, and deploy innovative techniques for calibrating and verifying wireless devices.

Addressing Your Wireless Testing Needs for Today and Tomorrow

As wireless technologies continue to permeate our lives, their uses shift from cool to critical. We’re in a world of medical, security and automotive wireless applications that enable a wide variety of new capabilities.

At Teradyne, we are focused on delivering the most technologically advanced wireless testing solutions. Our innovative testers are designed to keep pace with evolving wireless technologies, challenging device environments and pressing market demands. So when you’re ready to implement new wireless technologies, we’re ready to help you test them.

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Faster, Simpler, Smarter Test

We create test systems that enable wireless products to get to market faster. Our testers are critical to the evolution of emerging connectivity standards, including 5G.


LitePoint A Teradyne Company

Teradyne’s wireless test business includes LitePoint. LitePoint operates as an independent business unit within the Semiconductor Test division.

LitePoint is the leading provider of wireless test solutions. Their cutting-edge solutions help ensure products using next-generation connectivity technologies get to market fast and work reliably and consistently.

Teradyne 5G testing image

Teradyne 5G

From emerging millimeter wave devices to the traditional sub-6GHz, Teradyne’s test solutions are already leading the way.

Teradyne’s UltraFLEX with UltraWave24 instrumentation is one of the industry’s leading RF test solutions with a large customer install base. As the wireless spectrum usage expands, existing UltraWave24 customers can extend the capability of their UltraWave24 to an UltraWaveMX44 and UltraWaveMX20 for full test coverage of IoT, WiFi, LTE, Ultra Wideband and 5G standards while maintaining complete software, DIB and docking compatibility.

LitePoint 5G testing image

LitePoint 5G

The fixed-wireless services with 5G enable wireless carriers to compete with traditional broadband suppliers like cable companies. This means 5G delivers higher data rates with greater device connectivity. By using a wide range of the frequency spectrum, 5G data rates span sub-6 GHz as well as millimeter-wave (>30 GHz) providing 10x higher speed than the previous generation mobile communications (>1 Gbps).

LitePoint is shipping the first and only single box test solution for 5G mmWave–IQgig-5G. Other test solutions involve multiple boxes, cables and complicated setups.

Teradyne and LitePoint 802.11 ax testing image

IEEE 802.11 ax (Wi-Fi 6)

The next standard for wireless LAN is 802.11ax. LitePoint is supported in all of the 802.11ax chipset tools, and is on the leading edge of 802.11ax feature development, including innovating new test methods to achieve faster test times. With the largest global installed base of production Wi-Fi testers, LitePoint is the leader in Wi-Fi test.

Teradyne V2X testing for cars


Vehicle autonomy is facilitated by two competing wireless technologies – 802.11p based DSRC and 3GPP defined C-V2X, which allow direct communication over the 5.9GHz ITS band. Furthermore, with C-V2X being a cellular technology optimized for transportation it enables network assisted communication using LTE/5G NR. LitePoint offers an all-inclusive test solution for the connected car ecosystem.

For every cellular standard and the most common connectivity standards, Teradyne and LitePoint have your test needs covered.