Automated Inline In-Circuit Test Solutions

Achieve Greater Test Productivity

The Production Board Test Family of automated in-circuit systems are configured to support the requirements of both high volume and high mix PCBA production. TestStation Inline test solutions are designed for routine integration into existing manufacturing lines, delivering “hands-off” single-insertion PCBA test stage.

Automated versions of Teradyne’s TestStation systems are designed for short takt time automated lines. The TestStation Automated Inline Handler, coupled with a TestStation Test Insert forms a combined integrated solution for any mix, any volume PCBA manufacturing.

TestStation inline automation test solutions support a range of test instrument options, test point pincounts, and available Multi-Site capability to satisfy any manufacturing requirement.

All TestStation automated production solutions come with standard features, including:

  • High precision analog and digital instrumentation
  • Eight measurement channels for N-Wire Guarded measurements
  • Synchronized Analog & Digital subsystems
  • Integrated options for PXI and IEEE-4888 instruments
  • SafeTest test technology-ready
  • Vectorless Test ready for simple detection of open pins on ICs and Connectors
  • Flash and ISP options for N-wide parallel programming of devices
  • Built-in calibration standard module and self-test circuits
  • High level programming language
  • Powerful Debug and Production user interfaces
  • Data collection and data display software
  • Proven test reliability
  • High performance Windows-based PC Controller
  • Low cost of ownership

TestStation Inline Automated Test Systems

TestStation systems are fully integrated solutions comprised of a Teradyne automated board handler and a Teradyne TestStation Test Insert. The combined solution fits seamlessly into existing and new automated production lines to provide “hands-off” operation with high test throughput.

TestStation Single-Site Systems provide equivalent test times of full-sized manual systems, a faster takt time vs. human operators, and a pincount ceiling of 2560 test points. Single-site systems can easily be upgraded to TestStation Multi-Site systems in the field as pincount or takt time requirements grow.

TestStation Multi-Site Systems double the available pincount to 5120, and shorten panel testing times by dividing the task into two half panels, one per site. Each site completes half the test task in, you guessed it, half the time!

TestStation Inline Automated Test Systems are fully supported by Teradyne’s test development environment, and use the same test options, instruments and electronics as our standard manual machines. Fixturing between Unit Under Test (UUT) and the TestStation Test Insert (TSI) use common materials and probes as do our manual in-circuit test systems. The Production Board Test systems feature a servo-controlled presser with vertical position controls to enable dual level probing, as used in functional testing.

TestStation Systems features short set-up and fixture changeover time, a standard fixture feed shelf, and safety interlocks between the internal mechanism as well as the front and rear doors.

TestStation Inline Automated Handler Large Format

The TestStation Handler Large Format automated test system utilizes a stronger version of handler mechanics vs our standard TestStation Handler. The Large Format model supports a 530 x 508mm working area, up to 11 stackable user power supplies, and can accept both the TestStation Insert Model 52 and Model 161.

Equipped with the TestStation Test Insert Model 52, the TestStation Handler Large Format delivers Multi-Site capability up to 5120 test points. With the TestStation Model 161 Test Insert, the Large Format Handler delivers up to 6144 hybrid test points.

Learn more about the TestStation Handler Large Format

TestStation Inline Test Inserts

TestStation Inline Test Inserts

The TestStation Inline (TSI) Test Inserts are stand-alone tester systems intended for integration into automatic board handlers. Configured with Teradyne’s standard TestStation hardware and software options, Test Inserts can be easily integrated into Teradyne or 3rd party automation handling equipment to fit any test need. Test Insert packaging makes it easy for manufacturers to design automation solutions to fit unique production requirements.

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