Inline In-Circuit Test Solutions

Achieve Greater Test Productivity

The TestStation Family of In-Circuit Testers comes in a variety of different test configurations to support the diverse requirements of PCBA manufacturers. TestStation Inline test solutions are designed for complete integration into a “hands-off” fully automated inline PCBA manufacturing line.

The automated versions of Teradyne’s TestStation systems are designed for manufacturers who demand the fastest test throughput for their high-volume products. The TestStation test electronics in these systems are paired with an inline automated handler so that the integrated system can be placed directly into the manufacturer’s automated assembly line.

The TestStation inline automated test solutions support a variety of handler configurations, pincounts, and Multi-Site capabilities to satisfy diverse manufacturing requirements, but all TestStation automated solutions come with these test features and capabilities:

  • High performance Windows-based PC Controller
  • High precision analog and digital instrumentation
  • Fast test throughput
  • High fault coverage with exceptional diagnostic accuracy
  • Proven test reliability
  • Scalable test capabilities
  • SafeTest test technology
  • Vectorless Test Technologies for simple detection of open pins on ICs and Connectors
  • FLASH & ISP Toolset for optimized programming of Programmable Logic Devices
  • Eight measurement channels scannable to any tester pin
  • GPIB bus connection of IEEE-488 compatible instruments
  • Synchronized Analog & Digital subsystems
  •  High level programming language
  • Powerful and easy-to-use Debug and Production user interfaces
  • Insightful Data Collection and Data Display Software
  • Built-in calibration standards module and self-test circuits
  • Low cost of ownership
TestStation Inline Handler with Conveyer

TestStation Inline Automated Handler

The TestStation Inline Automated Handler systems are fully integrated inline systems equipped with an automated handler and embedded in-circuit test engine. The turnkey solution is designed to fit seamlessly into automated production lines and provide “hands-off” operation with maximum test throughput.

The Multi-Site capability of the TestStation Handler can be employed to double the test speed making it ideal for high volume manufacturers who demand maximum test throughput. The TestStation Handler can also be operated as a single site test system, giving manufacturers maximum flexibility and scalability.

The TestStation Handler integrates seamlessly with Teradyne’s test electronics and resides completely within the footprint of standard line automation equipment. The tester to handler connections eliminate the long cabling between the unit under test (UUT) and test instrumentation resulting in enhanced test accuracy and measurement reliability. The short set-up time, automatic fixture feed and interlocking mechanisms of the handler saves manufacturers time and money while setting up their automated production line.

TestStation Inline Automated Handler Large Format

The TestStation Handler Large Format automated test system utilizes the same robust handler system as the TestStation Handler, with enhanced ability to support a single test site with up to 6,400 test nodes and 530x508mm UUT capacity with less than 250mm additional floorspace required.

The TestStation Handler Large Format shares the same Multi-Site capability of the TestStation Handler to double the test speed making it ideal for high volume manufacturers who demand maximum test throughput.

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TestStation Inline Test Inserts

TestStation Inline Test Inserts

The TestStation Inline Systems (TSI) Test Inserts are a collection of specially designed hardware modules that can be easily integrated into standard or custom automation handling equipment of the manufacturers choice.

The flexibility of the TSI modules make it possible for manufacturers to design a unique automation handler/tester package that best suits their production requirements. With the small footprint TSI solution, manufacturers realize reduced handling times and lower capital equipment, fixture, and operator costs compared to traditional test systems.

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