Semiconductor Testing

Scalable Test Architecture to Meet Your Future Needs

Teradyne’s test solutions ensure you are always bringing your product to market fast, with the highest quality and lowest cost of test.

Why Teradyne?

Teradyne’s semiconductor test portfolio is transforming the way you test chipsets for automotive, industrial, communications, consumer, smartphones, and computer and electronic game applications. Semiconductor devices span a broad range of functionality, from very simple low-cost devices such as appliance microcontrollers, operational amplifiers or voltage regulators to complex digital signal processors and microprocessors as well as memory devices.

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Teradyne Tests It

If you’re looking to go from cool idea to great product, Teradyne test solutions can help.

Teradyne’s Complete Portfolio of Semiconductor Test Solutions

Our semiconductor test products are designed to meet the needs of developers and manufacturers of stand-alone integrated circuits, system on a chip and system in package devices. Our hardware and software development teams create unique modular tester architectures, expand site count and lower the cost-of-test for industry-leading silicon manufacturers and OSATs around the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence applications are everywhere from big data analytics to self-driving cars. As AI gains traction the demand for specialized semiconductors has surged. Data-intensive processing applications require semiconductors that can efficiently move data between memory and processing units, and high-bandwidth memory that delivers faster communication between processors, improving the speed, energy efficiency, and scalability of the data transfer necessary for performing complex AI tasks. Semiconductor test is an integral part of ensuring next generation AI chips deliver the required quality and performance, while optimizing manufacturing costs.

Digital/Mixed Signal

Teradyne’s UltraFLEX and J750 product families provide the power and precision needed as well as the test speed and coverage to optimally serve the broad range of testing needs for the digital/mixed signal market. From digital devices, which include the most complex and high-value semiconductors, to mixed-signal SoC devices at the core of mobile devices and game consoles—Teradyne is the tester of choice in the market.


Teradyne’s industry-leading wireless testers deliver high-throughput and get the newest technologies from the lab to high-volume manufacturing, quickly and cost-effectively. Our test solutions – including our line of LitePoint testers – are designed for a wide range of wireless technologies, from semiconductor wafers to final product test, and deploy innovative techniques for calibrating and verifying wireless devices.

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Automotive and Power

Analog and power electronics require test solutions that are flexible and powerful enough to cover the range of power management systems they control—from mobile devices to electric vehicles. Teradyne’s ETSand FLEX platforms deliver high-performance and cost-efficient test solutions for the automotive and power markets.


Memory is divided into two main camps: DRAM and Flash. DRAM is used in computing devices and graphics adaptors, while Flash is used as a storage media in mobile devices and solid-state drive devices. Teradyne’s Magnum test systems provide complete coverage for testing of all memory devices with the highest parallelism and lowest cost of test.

System Level Test

Teradyne’s Titan platform delivers low cost of test, fast time to market and the ability to ramp to ultra-high device volume. For years, it has been a proven solution for the mobile application processor market. Teradyne is at the forefront of change and growth in the System Level Test industry and will continue innovating to bring improved cost and quality benefits to the ADAS, Infotainment, AI and data server, GPU and tablet markets.

Our Semiconductor Test solutions will help you bring your products to market fast, without sacrificing quality.