Next-generation Automotive Test Platform with the Industry’s Highest Throughput and Fastest Time to Market

The ETS-800 is designed with comprehensive functional test coverage including extensive analog and digital capability and provides automotive-level test quality. Its unique APEX architecture minimizes DIB complexity, reducing time from project start to production release and enabling high site count to ensure sustainable high throughput.


Scalable Site Count

  • Unique Multi-sector Architecture
    • Enables near-zero effort program scalability to high site count.
    • Supports up to four sectors, typically configured in a symmetrical fashion to enable site count scalability up to 1024 total sites.
  • Fast and easy capacity expansion when device volumes increase with support for a wide range of site counts and easy upgradeability to higher site counts

Highest Throughput

  • Fast PCIexpress communication infrastructure, optimized API’s and extensive test time profiling tools result in the shortest test times in the industry
  • Multi-sector Architecture delivers high parallel test efficiency with no effort from the test engineer
  • The largest applications space available, plus the APEX architecture’s integrated matrices & muxes enables maximum site count.

Fastest Time to Market

  • Mature, stable & powerful EV-MST Software enables test engineers to develop test programs efficiently.
  • Multi-sector Architecture allows engineers to focus on single or low site count program development and scale to a high site count program with near-zero effort. High parallel test efficiency is achieved automatically.
  • The APEX architecture reduces relays by an order of magnitude, enabling simpler dibs, higher site count and shorter development times.

Automotive-level Test Quality

  • Precision instrumentation and conservative, guaranteed specifications deliver stable results that are repeatable from tester to tester and device to device.
  • Comprehensive, integrated alarm infrastructure ensures every device pin receives the intended stimulus.


Industrial Power Management

  • Smart power stages, low dropout regulators, DC-DC converters, voltage regulators, boost regulators, mult-phase PWMs, battery chargers, hot swap power managers, gate drivers

Precision Analog

  • Op amps, instrument amplifiers, video amplifiers, audio amplifiers

Automotive Analog

  • BMS monitors, fuel injectors, ABS controllers, airbag controllers, automotive smart switches, CAN transceivers, motor drivers


  • USB chargers, wireless chargers, PMICs


The ETS-800 test platform is designed with a unique Multi-sector Architecture making the system inherently scalable in terms of site count, with up to 1024 total sites. The system supports up to four sectors and each sector represents a complete mixed-signal multisite test system capable of testing a wide variety of products.

Production systems are controlled via a single multi-core test computer and may be populated with one, two, or four sectors based on the desired maximum site count.  Engineering systems support simultaneous, independent multi-engineer development.

Instrument Options

HSD-32 Performance Digital

  • 32 channels
  • Data rate 200MVps
  • -2V to +12V, 32mA PPMU

UPD-64 Universal Digital / VI

  • 64 channels
  • Data rate 20MVps
  • -1V to +24V, 50mA PPVI
  • APEx Dual 2-by-8  force/sense DC muxing
  • Supports +/-120V, 1A DC / 4A pulse

APU-32A  Floating Low Power VI

  • VI channels
  • -30V to +80V, 200mA VI
  • Src/Cap/AWG per channel
  • APEx 4:2×8 matrices w/4A pulsed operation

SPU-8112A Floating High Power VI

  • 8 high bandwidth VI channels
  • +/-100V, 2A DC, +/-12.5A pulse per channel, gangable to 100A
  • 20bit audio source & capture
  • APEx: A/B output mux

SPU-500 Floating High Voltage VI

  • 2 VI channels
  • +/-500V, +/-50mA per channel

QMS Precision Digitizer

  • 4 differential VM’s
  • Fully floating per-channel
  • Four precision (12-bit at 10 Msps or 16-bit at 200 ksps) independent floating differential volt meters that support AC and DC measurements up to +/-200V

QHSU High Speed AC

  • Quad 160 MSPS source
  • Quad 80 MSPS dig
  • Two fully independent dual channel high-speed signal analyzers capable of source or measure up to 50 MHz

SPU-2112A Floating High Power VI

  • 4 VI channels
  • +/-100V, +/-10A per channel
  • APEX: A/B output mux


  • APEx 4 1×4 80V, 2A matrices, 12A pulse

MCMUX Mux Family Board

  • APEx 64 1×4 100V 2A Muxes, 12A pulse


The ETS software development environment and tool set are truly one of the strongest attributes of the ETS-800 test system. The software tools are easy to learn and use, and are fully integrated into the Microsoft Visual Studio development environment. The complete test system command set is supported with automatic code generation tools (ACE™ and GrACE™). This means that users are not required to memorize command arguments and syntax. Graphical plotting tools are provided for simple point-and-click plotting of test-oriented waveforms. RAIDE™ (Rapid Access Interactive Debug Environment) makes it easy to view and change tester hardware settings.

In addition to native MST development tools a comprehensive portfolio of productivity tools – designed for applications engineers, by applications engineers, are available to enable efficient program development.

ETS-800 software provides a robust test development environment, offering customers an easy learning curve and uncommon productivity. With Multi-sector technology, EV-MST allows users to replicate test programs across multiple test head sectors.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous independent applications in engineering mode
    • Up to 4 engineers can develop independent test program simultaneously
  • Nearly 100% multisite efficiency across sectors with zero applications effort

As the leading provider of complete Test Cell Solutions and services, we at Teradyne leverage our expertise, experience, and technology leadership to help our customers achieve the highest yield and the highest throughput in production with the fastest time to market. We partner with you in your journey from design to production to provide standard and customized test cell products and services.