Artificial Intelligence

Powering Innovations in Artificial Intelligence with Advanced Test Solutions

Teradyne is the trusted partner that matches ever increasing requirements of next generation AI devices with advanced ATE capabilities needed to bring up devices quickly, optimize yield and improve silicon performance.

We Understand AI Device Manufacturing From Design to Production

AI devices trends push test requirements for high-current, high-performance power supply capability and flexible digital instruments. AI semiconductor designs bring new requirements for enhanced test coverage to ensure quality and drive yield of the complex AI device in production.

AI device test customers count on Teradyne – because knowing what customers need and when, in their critical workflow, matters.

Our AI Customers Count on Us

Teradyne is helping leading innovators deploy the advanced test capabilities needed to introduce new AI devices quickly, to optimize yield and to improve silicon performance.

Teradyne Delivers With Instrumentation on the UltraFLEX Family of Testers

UltraFLEX Family

Ensures quality test, throughput and fast time to market needed for 64 Bit Central Processing Units (CPU), Terabyte disc drive components, Application Processors (AP), mobile power management, secure elements and other complex SoC devices.

Suite of New High Performance Third Generation Instruments

UltraPin2200 – next generation digital instrument

  • High density, 512 channels per instrument
  • 32 pattern generators per instrument for concurrent test or unique pattern flows per site
  • Proprietary, hardware-based Protocol Aware capability
  • Dedicated memories for non-deterministic data testing
  • Up to 16Gbit scan test capacity with a flexible pattern memory architecture
  • Data sharing across sites

UVS256-HP – high density, highly flexible general-purpose device power supply

  • 256 channels per instrument
  • Flexible merge capability
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • Low noise
  • Four quadrant voltage or current source and measure

UVS64 – next generation core power supply instrument

  • Extremely accurate, stable resource for device core supplies
  • Unmatched dynamic performance
  • <1mV 6 Sigma voltage accuracy
  • Up to 320 Amps of device power per instrument
  • Merge up to 1,600A for a single supply
  • Supports instantaneous system-wide current steps of up to 2,560Amps

UltraPAC300 – next generation high density analog instrument

  • High performance audio and baseband AC instrument
  • Coverage up to 300MHz
  • Dual mode high speed and high-resolution channels

UltraSerial10G – this high speed serial instrument can test expanding serial bus technologies and replicates the device operating environment for optimal test quality at device limited test time with the highest possible throughput.

  • 20 differential Drive and Receive ports (40 channels/80 wires) per board
  • Frequency range of 42Mbps to 10.7Gbps with 426M drive/compare, and 1Gig capture memory
  • DC parametric measurement hardware
  • Receiver alignment (clock data recovery) for timing & data uncertainty
  • Instrument loopback
  • Pseudo-random bit stream (PRBS) hardware
  • Hardware that provides jitter injection and jitter eye/measurements
  • All of these features are designed to provide an efficient test methodology for SerDes bus testing
  • Protocol Aware testing support for PCIe