TPS Converter Studio

Test Program Rehost Solution for L-Series™ to Spectrum-9100™ & Di-Series Migration

Teradyne’s TPS Converter Studio preserves L-Series test program set (TPS) investments by enabling conversion of analog and digital test programs and diagnostics to run on modern test systems. Complete with fault dictionary and guided probe diagnostics, TPS Converter Studio translates legacy L-Series code to C/C++ DLL, EXE files or digital test binary (DTB) format. Converted code can be run on the Spectrum 9100-Series systems or the Di-Series and M9-Series digital test instruments.

Before conversion, TPS Converter Studio’s screen capability allows users to identify and correct configuration and test program issues. The software flags architectural or syntactic inconsistencies between the L-Series source files and the target environment and offers recommendations for solving them.

TPS Converter Studio provides an engine to query the reports generated during the screening process, enabling users to mine TPS contents and quickly perform analysis across multiple test program sets. The converted code can take advantage of the new Teradyne Digital Runtime environment to provide interactive debug capabilities for digital instruments.

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TPS Converter Studio