TestStudio™ Software

Teradyne’s TestStudio is an open-architecture, web-based software that manages test program set (TPS) development, documentation, debug and execution—ensuring fast, efficient TPS development and support. TestStudio leverages common Microsoft Windows application development environments (ADEs) and COM interface standards to ensure easy integration with in-house programming tools. TestStudio also supports the use of major ADEs such as C#, C++, LabWindows, CVI and Labview.

With TestStudio, TPS developers can capture test program documentation in real time—online in HTML or any format viewable by Internet Explorer, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This eliminates the need to reformat data for exchange across user networks or applications. TestStudio’s versatility enables advanced test sequencing, giving TPS developers the flexibility to reorder test steps and reuse existing test code from various sources. Plus, TestStudio’s single, intuitive user interface reduces the cost of training, documentation and ongoing maintenance.

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