Automated Test Equipment

Powering Innovation with Advanced Electronic Test Solutions

Teradyne is the leader in automated test equipment. Our cutting-edge testers ensure your devices work right the first time – so you can get your products to market and into the hands of customers faster and more reliably. And with scalable architecture, Teradyne has your test needs covered today and into the future.

Teradyne Tests and Connects It All

Teradyne solutions span the development process – from concept to shipping product. Whether you’re looking to test the latest technologies, lower costs, shorten your time-to-market, or all of the above, we have the automation you need.


Proven Solutions

From smart phones to life-saving medical equipment, our lives today rely on electronics. That’s why your customers expect that the devices you create work as promised, from the first moment they’re used.

We help cement your customers’ confidence in your products by ensuring performance, reliability and integrity.

In industries like yours, constant evolution is key to long-term success. We are the trusted experts. We’ve perfected electronic test automation so that you get high-quality products to market at high volume, with the best test economics.

The pressures on innovation are unrelenting: the drive to shrink lifecycles and drive down costs are constant, even as products incorporate more complex technologies.

Whether you’re looking to reliably and rapidly test the latest technologies, lower your test and production costs, shorten your time-to-market, or all of the above, Teradyne has the solution you need.

Teradyne Semiconductor Test - semiconductor chip

Semiconductor Testing

Our semiconductor equipment tests the building blocks of today’s electronics, including logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal and memory technologies. Modular architecture and powerful software provide flexibility, expand site counts and reduce costs for silicon chip manufacturers everywhere.

Teradyne Wireless Test - abstract image

Wireless Testing

Our wireless testers deliver high-throughput, cost-effective solutions for high-volume manufacturing environments. From design to final product, we have your test needs covered for every cellular standard and the most common connectivity standards.

Teradyne Production Board Test - board close-up

Production Board Testing

Our production board test systems perform inspection and device programming of printed circuit board assemblies technologies. We serve leading electronics manufacturers across a range of industries, including automotive, communications, consumer and industrial segments.

Teradyne Storage Test - server room

Storage Testing

Our storage test solutions address the automation requirements of next-generation storage device manufacturers. We enable manufacturers of hard disk drives and solid state drives to ramp production quickly and efficiently.

Teradyne Defense & Aerospace Test - cockpit

Defense and Aerospace Testing

Our defense and aerospace division provides system-level test options for military and avionics programs around the world. These customizable solutions ensure lean logistics, mission readiness and long-term deployment.

We make technology work, everywhere.