Contact Teradyne Services for information on these tools.

  • DtWire – A licensed product you can install on a Windows-based test system, DtWire can operate on all test systems and does not require IG-XL. It creates customized sequences or roadmaps that transfer data to a remote location on a user-defined schedule.
  • Mentor Examinator – This statistical analysis tool analyzes STDF and also offers real-time data analysis using the TEMS datastream.
  • SECS GEM – This test floor automation software conforms to SEMI standards and requires an additional license from Teradyne. Support is available, and customized services include the creation of new interfaces, handler/prober drivers and software and tools to meet your requirements. The tester utilization tool collects usage data on your test system, does not require IG-XL and can be installed on any Windows-based system.
  • SMART – The System Management/Analysis and Regression Tool is a scalable software product that aids in integrating product, planning, production and debugging IG-XL.
  • SysConfig Tool – This fast and easy system configuration tool determines your current configuration of testers, determines the configuration required to execute and compares groups of testers.