Production Board Test

Device Programming Solutions

Programming Flash memories and ISP devices at the In-Circuit Test (ICT) stage serves to reduce defects, cost, and complexity associated with stocking and handling these types of devices.


AutoFLASH allows users to easily generate models for various FLASH devices by entering command information into a Graphical User Interface. Once the model is generated, a powerful debug menu assists the user into debugging the model.

AutoFLASH allows users to easily generate models, debug, and program FLASH devices.

Deep Serial Memory (DSM)

TestStation board test systems have the ability to program and test Flash EEPROMS using the Deep Serial Memory (DSM) hardware option. Advantages of using the DSM option include:

  • Improved efficiency and test throughput by programming a Flash EEPROM at the same time that it is being tested
  • Reduced number of steps in the manufacturing process and simplified programming
  • Two production steps are combined into one without increasing board handling and setup time
  • Provides bed-of-nail access to all signals and can automatically disable any device as required
  • Stores up to 1024MB of long serial digital test patterns
  • Simplifies programming and speeds test throughput for boundary scan, in-system programming, and FLASH programming applications
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