When you buy from Teradyne it will be shipped on time, installed correctly and work right out of the box to get your production line up and running. We offer:

  • A complete line of products to get your J750 system into production fast.
  • Proven, off-the-shelf components that can ship with the system or be installed by our trained personnel in the field.
  • Multifunction manipulator capability.
  • Dedicated hinge solutions.
  • Teradyne docking solutions.

Need multifunction manipulator capability? Our stand-alone TXP manipulator provides ease of use, 3-axis functionality and guaranteed safe operation. Need less functionality? Our low-cost, limited-motion handler carts provide targeted functionality for a lower-cost, lower-footprint solution.

Prefer a dedicated hinge solution? Teradyne has worked with all the prober manufacturers to qualify hinge manipulator solutions. These solutions are available directly from the prober manufacturer.

Need a reliable docking solution? The proven and reliable K-DOCK docking system works with our A or B style handler or prober side interfaces to dock to any handler or prober.

Are you probing? We offer a choice of probe tower options, from the industry workhorse standard J750 probe tower, with its unmatched reliability and repeatability, to the new 440J tower.

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Manipulators & Carts

We offer manipulators and engineering carts to meet your needs. Our flagship TXP manipulator, which provides best in class functionality, world-class reliability and guaranteed safe operation, is available for all Teradyne test systems.

Handler Interfaces

When you purchase a handler solution from Teradyne, you benefit from years of experience with handler companies, components proven in 1,000s of test cells and our expert configuration and installation teams.

Our handler interface solutions allow Teradyne testers to dock to a variety of device handlers right out of the box.

    Our interfaces are available for the most common handlers from the following companies:

    • Delta
    • Seika Epson
    • Synax
    • Rasco
    • Multitest

    Probe Interfaces

    Teradyne's probe interface solutions allow testers to dock to a variety of device probers. Our interfaces support the most common 200mm and 300mm probers from the following prober companies:

    • Electroglas
    • Accretech
    • TEL

    Probe Signal Delivery

    Teradyne offers a complete range of Probe Tower options to meet your application needs. Our probe towers are often imitated, but remain the unmatched leader in reliable connectivity between your tester and the probe card for the J750/IP750 probe test cells.

    J750 users can move up to our new 440J  high-pin-count tower, with almost twice as many contacts and the same amount of applications space as the existing, standard tower.

    When you buy a probe tower from Teradyne, you will benefit from our extensive life testing of components, stringent quality-control procedures and proven reliability of more than 10 years of in-the-field use.

    The following is information on the J750/IP750 probe towers that we offer: