Production Board Test

Test Expert Version 9.2

Based on a collaboration between Teradyne and Siemens, Test Expert expedites the process to import CAD and BOM data and provides an interactive process between Test Expert and Spectrum V5.2 and higher to create programs and fixture designs for Teradyne Spectrum test systems.

The latest version of TestExpert provides dongle-free licensing and an updated, easy-to-use standardized Windows User interface.


Key Features:

  • Added nail rules and enhanced testability reports
  • View/Find nets – enhanced, faster view/find/sort capabilities
  • New library editor/processor
  • No hardware key/dongle required
  • Design for Testability (DFT) rules added for height
  • Enhanced fixture/cost kitting report
  • Save/load default color palette – multi-layer assignments

Product Enhancements

  • New easy to use standardized Windows User interface – access files, utilities, and options via icons or menus
  • Windows operating system support
  • New BOM import wizard – supports fixed width and character delimited formats as well as MRP.
  • New CAD importers available: ODB++ XML, plus more than 48 formats supported
  • No hardware key/dongle required – not restricted to usage based on hardware requirements for parallel ports, improved performance, reliability, and efficiency
  • Dynamic interactive testability reports – link directly to PCB board view, no need to open ASCII files and copy paste to find nails, nodes, pins, and nets
  • NPI Com – objects have been updated, old BDE data engine removed
  • Window text editor – ability to specify default editor for text files
  • Ability to import/save/reload profiles – save as global tester and nail rule profiles

Fixture Design & DFT:

  • Status.asc enhanced net error reporting – descriptions added for non-access node results
  • Status.asc can be updated based on manual nail edits
  • Full HTML testability report – shows accessibility component, net, and pin

Backward Compatibility:

TestExpert is backward compatible and offers previous version support that includes: V8F2, V8G2, V7.X, V8, and X FAZ/UNFAZ jobs

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