Teradyne Press Room
Welcome to Teradyne's Press Room, where you will find information regarding company news, press contacts, image downloads and more. To view the latest Teradyne press releases, please visit our news and press page.

Press Contacts

Teradyne Investor Relations

Andy Blanchard
Vice President, Corporate Relations
Phone: +1 978.370.2425
Email: andy.blanchard@teradyne.com

Production Board Test

John Arena
Marketing Director
Phone: +1 978.370.3118
Email: john.arena@teradyne.com

Defense & Aerospace | Storage Test

Dan Walsh
Director of Marketing, Defense & Aerospace
Phone: +1 978.370.6245
Email: dan.walsh@teradyne.com

Semiconductor Test

Brad Poston
Head of Marketing Communications
Phone: +1 408.456.5000 x1248
Email: brad.poston@teradyne.com

Wireless Test

Brad Poston
VP, Marketing Communications at LitePoint
Phone: +1 408.456.5000 x1248
Email: brad.poston@litepoint.com

Collaborative Robots

Thomas Stensbøl
Global PR & Communications Manager
Phone: +45 89 93 89 89
Email: tst@universal-robots.com

Download Company Logos

Download Semiconductor Test Product Photos

ETS-88 Product Photo JPG                      ETS-364 Product Photo JPG                                         

           ETS-88-287x400-Teradyne.png                                       ETS-364-287x400-Teradyne.png

ETS-800 Product Photo JPG                      ETS-88TH Product Photo JPG                

       ETS800-245x248-Teradyne                                         ETS-88TH_AC-2500_TransBackSmall.png

Magnum Product Photo JPG                    Magnum V Product Photo JPG
            Magnum-287x400-Teradyne.png                                     MagnumV-245x236-Teradyne

 IP750Ex Product Photo JPG                      J750Ex-HD Product Photo JPG
     IP750Ex-287x300-Teradyne.png                                         J750Ex-287x300-Teradyne.png         

FLEX Product Photo JPG                         UltraFLEX Product Photo JPG    
  FLEX-287x400-Teradyne.png                                 UltraFLEX-287x300-Teradyne.png

UltraFLEX HD Product Photo JPG          microFLEX Product Photo JPG     
     UltraFLEX-HD-287x200-Teradyne.png                               microFLEX-287x300-Teradyne.png

Download Production Board Test Product Photos

Teradyne Handler Product Photo JPG      TestStation Multi-Site Offline Product Photo JPG   

                     Handler-287x400-Teradyne.png                                                      TestStation-Multi-Site-Offline-287x400-Teradyne.png

TestStation Product Photo JPG                                 TestStation LH Product Photo JPG

        TestStation-287x300-Teradyne.png                                               TestStation-LH-287x300-Teradyne.png

TestStation LX Product Photo JPG