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February 1, 2022

Detecting Spatial Blotches in Image Sensor Devices: SemiCon West 2021

One of the most common defects in image sensor devices is spatial blotches. The appearance of blotches in image sensors is a regular occurrence, and may be generated by internal moving parts or may be moved by air currents within the camera.

Christos Pantelidis, Field Application Engineer for Teradyne, an expert in image sensor testing, discusses a mixed statistical model for dealing with spatial blotches in image sensors.

Composed of two main statistical methods, the first module, employs an inferential method, applying a spatial segmentation of the current frame to obtain candidate spot regions by testing the null hypothesis of each sample. Subsequently, a regression method is added and is applied only on the candidate spots in order to separate the bad pixels that generate the dust spots. Finally, the proposed mixed model is applied under real conditions in order to evaluate its performance in detection stages using a real image capture.

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