Over the Air Test

Teradyne is pioneering new over the air test methods

Teradyne’s leadership in RF/wireless device test is evident by our large installed base of UltraFLEX test systems around the world. In some cases, our high-volume manufacturing success depends on developing new test technology for emerging consumer applications.  Our over the air (OTA) solution is an example of this pioneering effort.

Emerging mmWave Applications and Devices to Test

As background, 5G is synonymous with the deployment of mmWave technology. One example is the antenna in package (AiP) device that populates 5G smartphones (e.g., 5G-FR2, and 60 GHz). Another example is the emerging customer terminals for low earth orbit (LEO) applications. At the core of these two emerging applications is a need to test an integrated packaged device consisting of integrated circuit and beamforming antenna arrays (e.g., multiple input multiple output, MIMO). In effect, a small module with a critical antenna interface that requires test to eliminate defects and outliers.

In response to this new packaging technology, Teradyne is optimizing our test technology for site density, handler integration, and the relentless pursuit of lower cost of test.  Our innovative solution is built by our expert-level multidisciplinary team to streamline your workflow from design to manufacturing.

Teradyne’s Over the Air Test Solutions

Our approach adapts a standard handler with a change kit in conjunction with our UltraFLEX platform that currently supports up to a x8 site density (at 60 GHz). At the core is a custom anechoic chamber that optimizes around the form factor of your AiP module, and the chamber matters for conducting repeatable measurements that are production-ready.

Our production-ready solutions for mmWave applications can accelerate your time to production and solidify your supply chain logistics.

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