Nano Test Automation

Meet the right-sized automated-test solution.

Tailored for diverse mid-to-low production lines with high product mix, Nano delivers versatility with trusted TestStaiton performance.


Ultimate Accessible Test Flexibility

Nano Test Automation revolutionizes testing in diverse industries by providing an accessible, affordable, reliable, and versatile mid-tier testing system. By bridging the chasm that exists between high-end solutions and underserved production lines, we aim to propel business of all size towards success.

Through streamlined process and brand-new features, Nano fosters high-quality production and innovation. Explore the new user interface and nested fixture kit features to learn about the solutions we engineer with you in mind.

  • Up to 2,560 test points
  • 10 Pin board slot
  • Full advanced test capability
  • Max UUT size 425mm x 425mm
  • 4 Slot programable power supply
  • 1,280 Max. Pincount​
  • Max 5 Pin Boards
  • Full advanced test capability
  • Max UUT size 425mm x 425mm
  • Max programable power supply 4
  • System dimension 900mm x 1780mm x 1130mm (WxHxD)
NEW fixture highlight
UUT 5000

Explore how Nano Test Automation keeps you ahead of the curve


Sharp competitive edge

Global competition is intensifying. Amid economic strains and market volatilities, cost reduction and resource optimization are top priorities.

Nano is engineered to systematically reduce costs while upholding quality and performance. Cost-effective fixture kit design eliminates need for vacuum interface, and inherits TestStation’s exceptional test coverage and performance.


Flex for Success

In today’s rapidly evolving markets, many  focus on smaller, high-variety production runs. Automation stands at the forefront of this change, offering accelerated production cycles, curtailed labor costs, and enhanced accuracy, enabling businesses to adapt to these transformations.

Nano is meticulously designed for diverse mid-to-low-end production lines with variation in product. Fully configurable and scalable, it’s optimized for your specifications and prepared for future challenges.


Smash Sustainability Goals

In our ever-growing consciousness of environmental impact and resource utilization, the call for energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment has never been louder.

By investing in cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions like Nano, you not only reduce overall operating costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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