Multi-Panel Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan Solutions

IEEE Standard 1149.1 & 1149.6

Boundary Scan (IEEE Standard 1149.1 and 1149.6) is a technology that allows silicon manufacturers to design testability into the components that they manufacture.

Teradyne offers developers a choice of boundary scan test options:

  • BasicSCAN and Scan Pathfinder are native to TestStation in-circuit test systems
  • Partnership benchtop boundary scan solutions are available from select vendors

The BasicSCAN test relies on using tester nails to detect opens on device pins, therefore it is designed for test situations where the tester has access to a majority of the device pins.

Test generation capabilities and features:

  • Ability to import device boundary scan description information in either industry standard BSDL format or TestStation’s simple IBS file format
  • Graphical user interface that allows easy entry and modification of device boundary scan information
  • Ability to generate a BSDL model from information entered into the BasicSCAN user interface
  • Checks for correct Instruction Register capture value and proper register lengths
  • Checks optional component IDCODE and USERCODE values
  • Detects open faults on any device pins that are nailed
  • Checks internal logic of components that support the optional RUNBIST instruction
  • Automatic generation of isolation sections that tell the test generator how to shut off the boundary scan component while testing other components on the board
  • Accurate pin-level diagnostic messages
  • Powerful Digital Test language features so no user modifications are required to support complex wiring configurations

Test generation capabilities:

  • Support for boards that have multiple scan paths
  • Automatic generation of boundary scan test programs based on detected scan path configuration
  • Automatic generation of isolation vectors that can be used to disable all boundary scan devices while executing the conventional in-circuit tests
  • Support for boundary scan test program customization via UserOption settings
  • Hardware Test
  • Opens Test
  • Interactions Test
  • Interconnect Test
  • Shortened CAP Test
  • RunBIST Test
  • Virtual Digital Test
  • Comprehensive test reports that can be viewed in graphical report summary windows or as text files
  • Separate Boundary Scan Run-Time Diagnostic task ensures accurate device and pin-level diagnostic messages

Symphony (JTAG Technologies)

Symphony is an advanced boundary scan solution designed in partnership with JTAG Technologies specifically for manufacturers using TestStation.

ScanExpress (Corelis)

ScanExpress is a popular JTAG test development and execution tool used to test for basic shorts/opens/bad/missing defects and to perform in-system programming of memory and CPLDs on circuit boards.


GOEPEL electronic offers an integrated option for TestStation utilizing specifically designed SCANFLEX device in combination with the JTAG/Boundary Scan system software CASCON GALAXY.

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