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Framescan is a vectorless test technique used to detect open pins on component packages and connectors. Benefits of using Framescan include:

  • Provides better fault coverage of small lead frame packages and connectors
  • Simplifies test program development
  • Less susceptible to noise that may occur in the test environment.

Teradyne’s Framescan technologies include the following features:

  • Fast and simple test program development
  • Automated learn process feature
  • High pin fault coverage
  • Accurate pin level diagnostics
  • Advanced Framescan FX hardware
  • Boundary Scan stimulus option supports reduced access testing

Analog Framescan is an un-powered test technique that uses an AC sine wave generated by the tester’s analog instrumentation to provide the framescan stimulus signal. The Analog Framescan technique requires that the tester have physical probe access to the pins that are to be tested.

Key features include:

  • Unpowered test technique
  • Uses standard ICT instrumentation
  • Proven open pin fault detection
  • Works on IC packages, sockets, connectors, and polarized caps
  • Automated learn process
  • Advanced Framescan FX hardware

Junction Xpress is a vectorless test technique for identifying integrated circuit solder opens. Junction Xpress can easily test IC devices without any internal lead frames including MCB and COB technologies. Junction Xpress can additionally identify marginal solder joints that exhibit resistance values above the range of 20 to 50 Ohms.

Key features include:

  • Does not require a fixture over-clamp or additional fixture electronics
  • Xpress test programs are automatically generated within minutes and ready to run without any manual debugging
  • Able to harness the AC and DC stimulus resources and sample Digital Volt Meters
  • Provides 90-100% fault coverage on today’s modern integrated circuit components

Powered Framescan is a powered test technique that uses digital waveforms generated by boundary scan devices on the board to provide the stimulus signals. Because the Powered Framescan tool uses boundary scan devices to generate the stimulus signals, it can detect faults on device pins even when the tester does not have physical access to the net.

Key features include:

    • Detects faults on pins that do not have physical test access
    • Combines Boundary Scan and Framescan Technologies
    • Automatic Test Generation and learn modes
    • Use existing Framescan FX hardware and tester instruments
    • Innovative time-domain technique is frequency independent
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