Depot-Level, Intermediate-Level, and Operational-Level Test Solutions

Reliable, Cost-Effective Test Solutions for All Levels of Maintenance

​Teradyne’s test systems, instruments, and services provide cost-effective, modular, open-architecture test solutions that ensure mission-readiness of defense and aerospace electronics while supporting interoperability and standardization of today’s most advanced Automatic Test Systems (ATS) programs

Depot and Intermediate-level

Teradyne has supplied test solutions to the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and many international defense organizations for over four decades. Teradyne’s products form the core of standard DoD ATS families such as the U.S. Navy’s CASS and eCASS, the U.S. Air Force’s VDATS, the U.S. Army’s NGATS, and the U.S. Marine’s GPATS and RTCASS.

Our systems, instrumentation, and software are used extensively to verify, diagnose, and repair electronic assemblies at D-level and I-level maintenance facilities globally.

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Teradyne’s Guardian is a ruggedized automated testing platform that quickly and accurately verifies the operational readiness of complex electronics systems in aircraft, ships, and vehicles.​

Guardian supports a wide range of applications and addresses rapidly evolving test requirements and allows for cost-effective long-term deployment. Guardian is fully supported by Teradyne’s extensive service capabilities, assuring more than 10 years of product support and services that enable customers to maintain uptime and reduce sustainment costs throughout the ATE life cycle.

Test Equipment Life Cycle Support

​Teradyne’s support and services span the entire ATE life cycle from initial configuration and TPS development through deployment, sustainment, and technology updates. We offer a wide range of support solutions specific to customer’s needs such as product support contracts, part services, project-based engineering services, and complete life cycle support solution. Learn more about Teradyne’s Total Support Solution