Automotive Test Solutions

Teradyne Production Board Test systems are used in the automotive industry to ensure reliability of sophisticated electronics components.

Teradyne supports a range of automotive ECU test requirements including in-vehicle infotainment, body electronics, driving assistance systems and dashboard electronics.

Look into an automated “Factory-of-the-Future”! PCBA test and automated production work-cell with TestStation Multi-Site and Universal Robots UR10.

The Teradyne TestStation Advantage

Teradyne TestStation system configurations help manufacturers meet quality metrics while maintaining high-volume production. TestStation system models can be fully automated and integrated into your existing manufacturing line or as stand-alone manually operated systems.

Achieve up to four times greater test throughput with TestStation Multi-Site test systems. Test boards in parallel using a single fixture, system and operator for maximum productivity.

Automotive manufacturing must meet high-volume requirements without sacrificing defect detection rates. Teradyne’s native automated inline handling solution is a seamless integration with TestStation Multi-Site Inline test systems for high-speed, no-no touch PCBA test.

Integrated Functional Test

Add PXI Instrumentation for integrated ICT and functional test coverage. The TestStation PXI Functional Expansion Board allows manufacturers to add PXI instrument slots to the TestStation card cage.


Boundary Scan Testing

Choose from our native partner 1149.1/1149.6 options:


Device Programming Tools

Teradyne offers flexible options for In-System Programming of PLDs in a single stage.

Teradyne offers powerful software tools and solutions that enable electronics manufacturers to optimize test across all stages in the manufacturing process.